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Glenmuir stars in the movies

Glenmuir is showcasing the brand’s 125 year history through an eight part film feature. The films follow the stories of team members covering product development, quality control, embroidery, finishing, marketing, UK and export sales and customer service which all take place from the brand’s Lanark headquarters, in the Clyde Valley, Scotland.

Since Glenmuir’s beginnings in 1891 the company has committed itself to creating golf clothing with impeccable care, skill and dedication to the craft. The short films allow viewers to witness and hear first-hand the expertise and passion of Glenmuir’s team of crafts people in Scotland many of whom have been with the brand for more than a decade. The first feature film ‘Product Design, Development and Innovation’ can be viewed at:

Glenmuir’s managing director, Mikhel Ruia said, “Glenmuir is one of the last remaining truly Scottish golf clothing brands having been crafting the finest golfwear since 1891. Our team are very proud of this 125 year legacy and we are delighted to be able to share ‘the Glenmuir Way’ through our film features which showcase the beautiful combination of passion, craftsmanship and care which goes into creating, marketing and delivering Glenmuir golf clothing.”