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Exeter Golf and Country Club begin working with 59club

Exeter Golf and Country Club is the latest club to employ 59club – Europe’s leading customer service benchmarking and training provider.

When Chris Jones joined Exeter Golf and Country Club as General Manager back in August 2013, he brought a wealth of experience from over 20 years managing high profile hospitality businesses across the South West. Chris’ knowledge and passion, along with the support of a strong management team has enabled the club to move forward, striving to deliver ‘the perfect day, every day’, whether the visit is for golf, fitness, food or the award-winning spa.

Chris’s journey with 59club started after a chance meeting at an England Golf Customer Service Training Seminar. After hearing about the service offered by 59club with their insightful research and mystery shopping, Chris recognised the potential to further improve the guest experience. Delivering a quality experience is essential to all businesses but especially a member club whereby repeat visits are so high.

Chris Jones said, “A consistently excellent experience for all our guests is crucial to the future of Exeter Golf and Country Club. To achieve this, it is vital that we understand our position compared to the UK’s leading golf clubs. The 59club provide this insight by measuring our performance against national standards. With so many of the country’s top golf clubs already involved with the 59club, I can now set my sights on delivering a level of service that will rival the best of the best.”

59club have started their preliminary research into this new project and are keen to start advising Chris and his team on strategies to elevate their offering.

59club Director Mark Reed said, “It’s always great to connect with forward-thinking managers who understand that service is paramount to a great experience. Chris shares this view and works tirelessly towards ensuring that small details are perfect, to deliver an experience with a big impact. Naturally these clubs succeed when it comes to customer acquisition, loyalty and referral business. With a content and happy membership and visiting golfers returning again and again, it’s a guaranteed recipe for success.”