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Deadline approaching for My59 special June offer

59clubs are urging club owners and managers who are yet to join the my59 community to act fast and take advantage of their introductory offer before the June 30 deadline.

My59 affords club managers and owners complete access to 59club’s entire benchmarking business, with the ability to generate Member Surveys, Mystery Shopper Audits & Consumer Reviews, all at the touch of a button.

My59 assists clubs to re-educate their staff on the process required to deliver great sales & service levels in all areas of club life and also enables club managers to continually monitor their staff’s performance and willingness to follow the sales and service procedures as they are designed. Ultimately my59 empowers club managers to make informed decisions in order to advance.

The data you will receive from both member surveys and your chosen mystery testers will identify strengths and weaknesses within every revenue stream coming into your club, the data can be compared to your chosen competitors, the best performing clubs and the industry as a whole.

Armed with the ability to appreciate what ‘great’ really looks like, clubs can set targets, monitor performance and work to improve their own benchmark. Clubs can also choose to omit criteria as required, meaning that my59 works at every golf club no matter the size, profile or green fee rate – after all, we all need to sell smarter and offer a great service.

Richard Flint, England Golf’s Director of Participation and Club Support said: “We are delighted that clubs are able to take advantage of 59Club’s expertise with the new my59 product. This is a valuable tool which clubs can use themselves to strengthen their customer service and make sure their members and guests enjoy a great experience. This is absolutely critical to successfully recruiting and retaining members.”

My59 has initially launched with the 5 leading benchmarking products including The Annual Golf Member Survey, Golf Membership Enquiry Call & Live Appointment, The Golf Visitor Experience, Golf Shop Retail Enquiry plus the Group Golf Enquiry Call. Additional products will be made available to the my59 community throughout the remainder of 2016. Full product portfolio available to view on