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Bosses in leisure industry voted Britain’s best

Management within the leisure and travel industry have been voted as the best bosses in the county. In a survey of 1,024 UK employees published in the One4all Rewards Review of UK Management whitepaper, leisure and travel bosses were voted as one of the best, with 60 per cent of workers in this sector describing their boss as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Nationally, 60 per cent of the leisure and travel workforce were positive about their bosses – and just 8 per cent described them as ‘poor’ – suggesting that, overall, those working in leisure and travel have a high opinion of their managers.

Leisure and travel industry bosses looking to establish a better relationship with their employees should focus on improving their communication skills, which workers feel are the most important skills for their bosses to possess, with 86 per cent of the vote.

Being grateful and regularly giving thanks and showing appreciation for staff’s efforts are also key for 69 per cent of leisure and travel employees. While mucking in when times are tough or when things are busy would score brownie points with 65 per cent of leisure and travel industry workers.

Alan Smith, managing director at One4all Rewards, commented: “Bosses play an essential role in driving our economy forward, but even the most informed and experienced boss would struggle to maintain a successful, growing company without their work being underpinned by happy and hardworking staff who feel motivated and incentivised to perform for the business.

“It’s interesting to see just how popular leisure and travel business leaders are, but there are a small number who are unfortunately not quite winning the loyalty of their staff. Indeed, almost one in ten (8 per cent) go as far as to say their boss is ‘poor’ – so there is some work to be done by those in certain organisations.”