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59club release new instant survey software

Specific to the golf and leisure industry, 59club have created a Customer Service Tracker (CST) that sums up customer experience in three critical questions.

The latest survey tool within the my59 software takes just seconds for the golfer to answer. It generates an average score for each question, it shows individual comments when left and finally creates an overall ‘CST rating’ that is benchmarked across the industry, the best performing clubs as well as your chosen competitors.

Designed to provoke thought and generate high completion levels, the CST survey simply asks:

Did the experience represent value for money?

Did we offer a warm, welcoming and friendly experience?

How likely are you to recommend us?

The my59 CST is fully automated and will invite all chosen customers to complete a short survey online a set amount of days after their experience with you. For example: you may wish to survey green fee visitors, corporate golf day and society organisers, custom fitting customers, driving range visitors, golf tuition pupils, dinners, social and special event customers, conference delegates and so on.

Each time a my59 CST survey is submitted, the scores are fed into the rolling pool of data which generates a customer satisfaction score. Results can be sorted by venue or split by department. The ‘trend tracker’ function means you can pinpoint a chosen timeframe to highlight strengths and weaknesses within every revenue stream feeding into the business.

For ease of diagnosis, 59club have adopted a warning traffic light system which segments customer satisfaction scores into Red, Amber and Green centiles to quickly alert managers towards an appropriate course of action.

Simon Wordsworth, CEO at 59club said: “The customer service tracker is an extension to the wealth of management tools that are already revolutionising sales and service standards at our client clubs. It’s invigorating to be part of the driving force that is advancing standards within the golf, leisure and hospitality industry, but that’s not us alone, it’s credit to the many venues we work with and a result of the support we receive from our industry partners – England Golf, the PGA, Club Car, Toro, Tacit,, GOLF RETAILING, Golf Genius and Foresight Sports Europe.”