Zerofit flies in the face of Mike Ashley’s Doom and gloom

ZeroFit, the UK’s newest and most innovative baselayer, are bucking the trend of recent dismal retail predictions and showing that it is still possible to be successful in retail and return sensible margins.

At the start of December Sports direct boss Mike Ashley blamed Brexit fears after an ‘unbelievably bad’ November. Ashley commented “November was the worst on record, unbelievably bad, no one could have budgeted for that. Retailers just cannot take that kind of November. It will literally smash them to pieces.”

It seems that every day when we open the newspaper there seems to be a story about the latest retail casualty or stern profit warnings from what have historically been blue chip retailers. The general consensus is that online is massively impacting the high street, however, the recent shock profit warning from online fashion retailer Asos indicate that it’s not just the high street that is having difficulties.

Asos chief executive said “In fashion we are seeing an unprecedented level of discounting, certainly something I have not seen before, and that’s across the board.”

As well as tumbling turnovers, margins are under more pressure than ever before as consumers are using their smart phones as shopping companions to ensure they get the best deal in store as many retailers promise to ‘price match’. That’s the doom and gloom, however, Japanese company Zerofit ( are bucking the trend and showing that it is still possible to be successful in retail and return good margins.

The brainchild of Japanese fitness fanatic, avid golfer and outdoor enthusiast, Mr Koji Higashi, Zerofit heatrub baselayer products launched into the UK market place in late September, 2018, and has exploded across Ireland and Scotland.

Despite the fact that the price is at the upper end of the range for commercial baselayers (RRP £50) it seems that consumers are prepared to pay a little more for technology that really does keep them warm.

A spokesman of the Zerofit European subsidiary said “we have been absolutely astounded by the repeat orders of Zerofit. Having been around the sports industry for some time I have never seen consumers embrace a product line to this extent. I think the tough retail market

conditions has helped us as retailers are looking for something new that they can engage their customers with.

It’s rare to have a new and revolutionary piece of clothing and it’s clear that retailers see that Zerofit is such a product and as a result they are recommending it to their customers.”

While the product is being sold in flagship golf shops such as Royal Portrush, Cruden Bay and Auchterlonies of St. Andrews it’s moving off the shelf in every outlet where the retailer gets behind it.

Paul Stevenson, at Portadown Golf club in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland has sold 124 pieces since taking on Zerofit in Mid October. “In 20 years of trading this has been my best ever November and this is down to Zerofit, it’s a great product and there is a huge need for a product that really keeps people warm on the course.

And its not just golf, many of the sales through the pro shop have been to people who are also involved with other outdoor hobbies and sports like fishing, birdwatching, walking and cycling, the list goes on…..”

So perhaps this is a lesson for retailers and their buyers. Whilst the big brands will always sell and command attention sometimes looking outside the box for something new and different will actually stimulate sales and grab consumers. We all like a bargain, however, not everything is about price……. For more information about the Zerofit range visit


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