White has Foresight

Alex White, from Romiley GC, in Stockport, is the third successive winner of the Foremost Golf ‘golf professional of the year’ title who has credited part of his success to the use of Foresight Sports technology. White, 36, follows on the 2013 winner, Tim Hall, and 2012 victor, Dan Webster, each of whom is an advocate of the Game Changer 2 (GC2) technology from Foresight Sports.

White believes his purchase of a GC2 in March 2013 has had a pronounced effect on his business, particularly in terms of hardware sales. He said, “We’ve worked hard over the last twelve months interacting with the membership, trying to push the importance of club-fitting and gap fitting – all the normal things the GC2 allows you to do. We’ve also had a lot of demo days, experience days, fittings days … so we’ve engaged with the membership on a slightly different level in the past year.

“But the GC2 has made a huge difference to our hardware sales. Virtually everybody we fit on the GC2 goes on to purchase a club – I would say it has a 95 per cent conversion rate. We’ve also been able to reduce our standard stock-holding because most of the stuff we now order is through custom-fitting.

“Having a GC2 is a no-brainer to be honest, from a retail point-of view. Our hardware sales have increased significantly since we first got the technology. Since we’ve had the GC2 the hardware business has grown by 81 percent net, over my first 20 months at Romiley, and, as a result of doing the majority of our sales through fittings, our mark-up has also increased by 9.28 percent over the same period. If you haven’t got a GC2 you don’t realise how important it is to your business; now I’ve got GC2 I certainly wouldn’t be without it. It’s quite simply brilliant.”

Foresight Sports Europe’s sales director Ed Doling said: “Congratulations to Alex on his fabulous achievement. We are delighted that Foresight Sports technology has been able to help him improve his business and the services he offers to his members.” More at: www.foresightsports.eu