Voice Caddie T1 GPS watch gets you in the swing

Voice Caddie has introduced the T1 GPS golf watch with in-built ‘oscillation sensory technology’ to help golfers achieve the optimum 3:1 swing ratio. At a glance golfers can see yardages to the front, centre, and back of the green, with the T1 automatically detecting the course being played from its constantly updated database of more than 37,000, without additional fees. A digital scorecard allows golfers to keep track of their scores and analyse their progress by giving them access to their playing history.

In addition to golf functions, the T1 combines all the essential features of a fitness watch including running and cycling modes measuring speed, distance and calories burned. With a time and date display and an alarm clock it can also be used as a normal timepiece.

A Voice Caddie spokesperson stated, “The T1 incorporates the latest GPS technology with a number of unique features. We really feel it is the best-value GPS golf watch available. It has more functions than most of its rivals for a much lower price. What’s more there are no additional fees to pay and the current stock is specifically intended for the UK market.”

 The Voice Caddie T1 costs £149.

 Further information at: www.voice-caddie.com