–PrideSports, the world’s leading supplier of golf tees has unveiled the latest iteration of its market-leading PTS (Pride Professional Tee System™) golf tees which, for the first time, includes a PTS Bamboo option.

The new PTS & PTS Bamboo golf tees can be purchased online at and will be available at selected retailers around the UK & Europe.

Whilst still providing the easy colour identification system of tee length and appropriateness for various golf clubs that PTS is synonymous for, the new look showcases distinctive packaging and an enhanced tee design. The new PTS Bamboo golf tees are made with environmentally considerate bamboo material, come in recycled packaging and are available in both white and natural colour options.

PTS wood golf tees are constructed from premium hardwood to provide the quality and performance that the line is known for. They are available in 4 different colour-coded lengths, 1 ½” Orange, 2 1/8” Red, 2 ¾” Yellow, and 3 ¼” Blue. PTS Bamboo is available in the White (1 ½” Orange, 2 1/8” Red, 2 ¾” Yellow and 3 ¼” Blue) and Natural (1 ½” Orange, 2 ¾” Yellow and 3 ¼” Blue) colour options.

“PTS has long been the go-to tee for golfers around the world and we weren’t going to make any changes without careful consideration and input from our golfers around the world.,” commented Joe Henderson, President – PrideSports.

“After extensive research, we found that an opportunity to improve the look of the tee with a new printing process whilst still maintaining the core characteristics that have made PTS such a successful product. Introducing bamboo options and recycled packaging were a direct result of feedback from players who expressed increased consideration of environmentally friendly materials and renewable resources when making purchases.”

In addition to the Professional Tee System™, PrideSports also manufactures an array of other tees including, PTS Titanium Strength Wood Tees, PTS Step Tees, NOVA Bamboo Tees, Special Edition Tees as well as accessory items such as Ball Markers, Practice Balls, Divot Tools and Golf Towels.

PTS bags retail at: 

£7.99 per pack

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