Swing slow with Cleveland Black

Cleveland Golf has announced a new line of CG Black products available in November. The new CG Black range will comprise of driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, all aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds. The evolution of CG Black began with the understanding that the average golfer doesn’t possess the tour level swing speeds that many modern day golf clubs are built for. In fact on average, amateurs swing the club at least 15mph slower than tour professionals.

The Cleveland Golf R&D team set about lowering the swing MOI. Amateur golfers don’t utilise an efficient swing arc because they have trouble properly cocking their wrists (or casting the golf club). This pushes the arc farther from the centre of rotation and greatly decreases club head speed resulting in loss of distance. This key factor means that CG Black products promote a pro-like swing, resulting in higher head speed and greater distance with the same swing effort.

The company says the CG Black driver is the lightest driver on the market to increase club head and ball speed for increased distance and will be available in both standard and adjustable options with both featuring the same performance benefits and technological innovations. Engineered specifically with slower swing speeds in mind its design helps promote more distance for golfers with swing speeds under 90mph. SRP £229

The CG Black Custom driver features an adjustable hosel, allowing golfers to alter loft and face angle. CG Black drivers also feature Variable Face Technology, to reduce distance loss on off-centre hits and feature a lower more forward centre of gravity to promote a higher launch angle for increased carry and distance. The CG Black Custom Driver is available earlier this February with an £279 SRP.

CG Black fairways (SRP £159) and hybrids (SRP £129) utilise lower swing MOI and a lower centre of gravity in the club head to increase launch angle and carry for both seniors and women. Both the fairways and hybrids are offered in a comprehensive number of loft options.

CG Black irons are the lightest irons Cleveland Golf has created, making it easier to swing faster without any extra swing effort. The thin, high-strength steel face creates a larger area of maximum ball speed, plus allowing for more perimeter weighting for more accuracy and consistency. A 20 percent larger high COR area allows for more consistency across the club face. CG Black irons are designed to make senior and women golfers carry the ball longer and are available in November with an £649 SRP.

Available immediately CG Black Cavity Back irons are designed with the better amateur golfer in mind. Players with swing speeds between 85 mph – 105 mph that prefer to work the ball towards the flag but still want plenty of forgiveness will gravitate towards these irons.

This progressive combination set of irons is designed for higher launch and longer carry for golfers with swing speeds less than 90 mph, where the four and five irons feature a hollow hybrid chassis construction to move the COG lower and towards the back of the club making it easier to launch the ball higher. The six and seven iron utilise a lower COG by making the face thinner to achieve higher launch, making them easier to address and improving workability. SRP £700. More at www.clevelandgolf.com

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