St Andrews Golf Co opens Honma showroom

Scotland’s oldest clubmaker has opened a Honma showroom at its store in St Andrews. The St Andrews Golf Company will market a full range of the Japanese brand’s golf equipment at its 8 Golf Place store close to The Old Course, and will offer a complete Honma custom fit and assembly service from its nearby Largoward facility. In the new showroom, golfers will find a display containing Honma’s latest S-03 range of woods and irons, plus the Tour World series of clubs and a selection of Honma bags, wedges and putters.

St Andrews Golf Company CEO, Ewan Glen stated, “Honma and St Andrews Golf Co are a good fit together. We have both been around a very long time – in our case 134 years, in Honma’s 56 years – and we both have a passion for the old and the new. Just like Honma, our experts hand-craft golf equipment to exacting standards to ensure that our customers walk away with the absolute best that money can buy. I see a great future for this exciting new partnership.”

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