Social media habits revealed by Golf Gamebook

Golf Gamebook has commissioned research by Sports Marketing Surveys into the social media channels preferred by UK golfers. Over 4,000 golfers were surveyed highlighting that across all age categories, 62 percent use Facebook, 25 percent LinkedIn and 24 percent Twitter. The findings also revealed how UK golfers are using social media channels to learn about golf, with 54 percent using the most popular channels to follow tour players, 43 percent seeking coaching and swing advice and 43 percent looking for information on new products from leading equipment manufacturers.

Golf Gamebook is a free smartphone app featuring a golf community, live scoring, tournament manager and social chat. It offers an easy-to-use platform for any golfer, golf club or golf tournament organiser to set up live scoring for all types of golf event and is claimed to be the only scoring app to offer social interactivity. Golf GameBook is available for free download and was founded by PGA professionals with the goal of making golf more relevant, fun and welcoming, with more than 600,000 app downloads worldwide.

Mikko Rantanen (pictured), CEO of GameBook Inc, said, “It is vital for the golf industry as a whole that we understand how golfers are using social media channels to learn, communicate and engage with like-minded individuals. This research reveals over a third of all GameBook users are active on social media on a daily basis and activity peaks among the Under 35s (55 percent), drops during mid-life (29 percent) and then, surprisingly, returns among over 55s (40 percent).”

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