SkyPro App adds putting analysis

SkyGolf, maker of the SkyCaddie rangefinder, has launched a revised SkyPro App for spring 2014, with a new putting analysis feature and redesigned user interface. The SkyPro attaches to the shaft of any golf club just below the grip. Thousands of data points about a golfer’s swing path, club head speed, swing plane, club face rotation, shaft angles and more are sent via Bluetooth to a free app on a golfer’s smartphone to view their swing from address back to impact from any angle in high-definition.

The SkyPro provides instant feedback on successful swings, identifies common faults immediately and offers fun challenge sessions to correct the flaws. Golfers can track their strengths and weaknesses through skills tests and evaluate those skill levels with verifiable milestones to start making more putts and hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently than ever before.

The new putting analysis feature on the SkyPro App is a free additional feature enabling golfers to perfect their putting stroke and lower scores by providing instant feedback about club face position, stroke length and tempo.

SkyPro has a suggested retail price of £169.95, and is compatible with Apple devices operating iOS6 or greater including all iPhones from iPhone 4 onwards, and the iPod Touch 5th Gen. There is also a native iPad version of the App.

Jacqui Surman, vice president international sales and marketing for SkyGolf said, “One of the greatest advantages of SkyPro is that it’s easy to practice anywhere, anytime. Golfers can use any club to groove their swing or putting stroke at home, on the range, or the practice green all year long, rain or shine. SkyPro is also interactive, allowing golfers to share instantly with their instructor or friends on Facebook and Twitter.”

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