SkyCaddie welcomes DMD report

SkyCaddie has welcomed a survey by the National Golf Foundation (NGF) which shows that the benefits of Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) go well beyond the provision of an accurate yardage. The survey, which reveals that over two-thirds of core golfers in the NGF’s panel use DMD devices or apps during the majority of their rounds, was published online in the November 2014 NGF ‘Dashboard’ report. It shows that golfers who use a DMD for yardages and club selection also derive clear psychological and performance benefits when on the golf course.

Crucially, almost 80 percent of golfers report increased ‘shot confidence’ while using a DMD. This creates a more committed golf swing, with the naturally-positive effect on the shot outcome evidenced in a related statistic showing that 39 percent of golfers say they have carded lower scores while using a DMD. Unsurprisingly, over one third of DMD users in the survey also report an increase in their enjoyment of golf, directly attributed to the use of a DMD in their golf game.

And another key additional benefit of DMD usage, revealed by the NGF survey, is increased speed of play. 52 percent of golfers reported that their round of golf is faster when DMDs are being used properly.

Jacqui Surman, SkyCaddie vice-president of international sales and marketing said, “We welcome this report, which validates what SkyGolf has been saying for over a decade. Namely, that a large number of golfers have more fun, and play with more confidence, knowing that they have a good yardage. We have always said that SkyCaddie golfers score better, play faster and enjoy the game more, because they have the high-quality yardage information which tour players get. This is confirmation that DMDs boost golf’s enjoyment factor, which is good news for the sport.”

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