Seeing is Believing with ZOOM OLED PRO Rangefinder

Have you noticed how the latest T.V’s, smartphones and monitors have become so much clearer and brighter? What you’re looking at is OLED technology, and in an incredible innovation, leading laser rangefinder brand ZOOM is bringing that technology to golf.

Using Organic Light-Emitting Diodes the ZOOM OLED Pro Laser Rangefinder delivers unrivalled optics that are 5 x sharper and 3 x brighter than previous models. The vivid, ultra-clear view renders every contour and distance in immaculate detail, and with adjustable brightness settings you can perfectly match the surrounding light conditions to deliver the perfect view, whether in the glaring sun or a cloud-covered sky.

“The OLED technology really does have to be seen to be believed,” comments Graeme Stevens, from ZOOM. “Everyone who looks through the OLED PRO cannot believe how it changes the experience of using a rangefinder. The device has so many great features, and a surprisingly affordable price, but it’s the incredible optics that make it a truly one of a kind product. You can literally see the contours of a green on your approach. Once a golfer locks on target with the OLED Pro, they won’t consider any other option.”

Another first for ZOOM is the introduction of a magnetic lock system that allows the OLED PRO to magnetically attach to your bag or golf cart. In addition, the OLED PRO is shock proof and water-resistant adding extra layers of protection to this advanced technology.

The OLED PRO is also packed with all the features you would expect from a ZOOM rangefinder, including a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that lasts over 5000 measurements before the low battery indicator lights, while speed and accuracy are unrivalled up to a 1200 yard range with a subtle vibration feedback when locked on target. Slope mode, for elevation adjusted distances is available, with an off switch for tournament play, while 6 x magnification, adjustable focus and flag finder technology complete the practical features in this unique piece of precision engineering.

A lightweight ergonomic design that fits easily into the hand and a stylish contrast of metallic silver and red with a black faux leather body provide for a beautifully stylish finish.

Packed with groundbreaking technology at an incredible price, the ZOOM OLED PRO really does have to be seen to be believed. But it’s the OLED viewer that really sets it apart, delivering an on course experience that once seen, will mean a golfer can never look back.

SRP £299.99

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