Scotty Cameron putters now with Dual Balance

Two Scotty Cameron putters, the Select Newport 2 and GoLo 7, are now available with Dual Balance technology for golfers that want to stabilise their putting stroke. Scotty Cameron Dual Balance putters are counterbalanced designs, developed through extensive research and testing. Scotty Cameron and his team through two decades of high-speed video research with tour players, have found that the best putters in the world keep the butt end of the putter pointed to the same one to two inch circle in their midsection throughout the stroke.

Dual Balance putters, with a 50 gram heavier head weight (400 grams total) and a 50 gram counterweight in the butt of the putter shaft, are designed specifically to help golfers replicate that stroke, without anchoring the club to the body. At 38 inches the length of a Dual Balance putter is three inches longer than a golfer’s conventional putter length. The additional three inches provides stability while keeping the putter unanchored.

Cameron stated, “The purpose of anchoring a putter is to stop the butt end of the club from moving. Now that anchoring will be against the rules, we’ve determined the best way to help golfers regain that stability and control is through Dual Balance, by adding 50 grams to the shaft and balancing that with 50 grams in the head. It eliminates that tendency for many players to flip, push or lead the putter with their hands.”

New Select Newport 2 and GoLo 7 Dual Balance putters are available at the end of May with an SRP of £315.