Royal & Awesome gets new names from Facebook followers

Royal & Awesome has asked nearly 150,000 Facebook followers to come up with a name for the first of the five new apparel lines, a blue, red and white, diamond-style design featuring heavily the union flag. Within hours, more than 400 comments had been received.

The person who is first to suggest the ultimately chosen names will each receive a complimentary pair of Royal & Awesome ‘trews’ as a reward for their ‘bright thinking’. To participate in the process all that is required is to visit Royal & Awesome’s Facebook page and leave the suggested name as a comment.

Brand director Graeme Smeaton said, “We are always keen to stay connected with our customers and friends and we want to keep them engaged in the design and naming process. Last year, they helped to both design and name our new ranges and this year will be an extension of that success. We’ve already put up our first new design, and are monitoring the responses. And we will follow up over the next couple of days with four further designs which will also require naming.”