PowerBug rebrands its premium electric trolleys

PowerBug has rebranded its two premium electric trolleys models in the UK – the top-of-the-range UltraV model is now the GT8, and its ProTour model becomes the GT7.

The Windsor-based company has reduced the price tag significantly on its two premium models, announcing a new pricing structure in in both the lithium and lead acid battery versions.

Among the host of features built in to the GT8 is a UV sensor in the display handle to alert golfers to the presence of potentially harmful Ultra Violet rays. The display also provides other information, from a clock and round-timer, to a distance-measuring feature. The GT8’s lightweight aircraft-grade tubular aluminium frame addresses the trolley user’s key concerns of weight and strength, while its folding mechanism allows for easy assembly and breakdown, fitting neatly into an 88 x 59 x 31cm space.

The GT8 is available in black or white in both lithium and lead acid battery versions, with the lithium version now reduced by 25 per cent in the UK from £599 to £449, and the lead acid version by over 28 per cent from £350 to £249.

The GT7 is again crafted from lightweight aircraft-grade tubular aluminium, and engineered to fold down effortlessly into an even more compact space than the GT8. The handle features a lower-profile speed control switch to help prevent accidental activation, while its anti-rotation cart bag support will prevent the bag from gradually turning to a point where everything is in the wrong place.

The GT7 is also available in black or white, with the lithium version now been reduced in the UK by over 27 per cent from £550 to £399, and the lead acid model by more than 33 per cent, meaning it will now be available for just £199. Both the GT8 and GT7 come with PowerBug’s five-year warranty programme.

For further information visit www.powerbug.co.uk.