New Nike Converge putter with CounterFlex technology

Putting is a balance of rhythm and tempo, dependent upon distance control and a smooth, consistent stroke. To help golfers achieve their ideal equilibrium, Nike Golf has engineered the Nike Method Converge putter featuring CounterFlex technology: a 75-gram moveable weight system inside the grip that can be adjusted on a 15-inch slide.

“Our research tells us that only 30 per cent of golf athletes found his or her best match of rhythm and tempo when the weight was locked in the top of the slide, as is the case with most fixed mass counter-balanced putters. The remaining 70 per cent played better when the 75 grams were located in the middle or bottom position,” explains David Franklin, Nike Master Modelmaker. “With CounterFlex we have infinite positions for the weight so athletes can actually tune it to get their delivery and timing smoothed out and perfect at impact.”

Direct from Nike’s golf research and design facility, The Oven, CounterFlex technology changes the club’s moment of inertia and the overall swing weight, ensuring anchor-like stability, adjustable to any stroke.

“One of the key components to putting is a stable stroke and delivery at impact,” Franklin confirms. “Whether you’re a tour player or an amateur, CounterFlex offers adjustability to tune the putter to get the most stable delivery at impact.”

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