Nelly Korda Captures Fourth Straight Win with Qi10 Max Driver and TP5x at T-Mobile Match Play

Nelly Korda cruised in the semi-finals and finals of T-Mobile Match Play at Shadow Creek to win her fourth consecutive LPGA Tour event. It is now her third in the last three weeks and four of five starts in 2024 with Qi10 Max driver and TP5x golf ball. The World No. 1 won her semifinals match 4&3 and the championship match 4&3.

With the win, Korda became the first golfer to win four straight LPGA Tour events since 2008 and just the fourth golfer to do so in the last 40 years.

After winning the second hole to go 1 UP, Korda birdied the fifth to jump start a stretch of winning three straight holes with birdies to go 4 UP on the match. With a birdie on 12, Korda went 5 UP and then proceeded to finish the match 15th hole and secure her 12th LPGA Tour victory.


Nelly Korda WITB T Mobile Match Play
Nelly Korda WITB T-Mobile Match Play

TaylorMade Senior Tour Manager Ryan Ressa has worked hand in hand with Nelly over the last two seasons to dial in her equipment and that work has paid off in dividends in 2024. Korda made two major changes to her bag at the end of the 2023 season by adding Qi10 Max driver and switching to TP5x golf ball.

Ressa on why Korda plays Qi10 Max driver:

“As we look to create new shapes in our driver heads, we found something with the shape of the Qi10 Max that was a little deeper front to back and a slightly more heelward center of gravity,” said Ressa. “She instantly set that club down and loved the way it looked. Nelly was able to start the ball on her intended line and loved seeing the ball fall left and be able to move it how she wanted in addition to hitting different flights and windows. She also notices on mis-hits that the spin stays really consistent. The window it takes off on is great and the shot shape is very repeatable for her.”

Ressa on why Korda plays TP5x golf ball:

“Nelly was looking to bring the spin down, especially on her driver, so we did some testing in September,” said Ressa. “We saw the benefits of TP5x in her driver and irons bringing the spin down a couple hundred RPMs. Then, around the greens, her launch on chips was a little bit lower and she generated more spin around the greens with TP5x than TP5. She produced a lot more check in a preferred trajectory coming off of the TP5x versus the TP5. She’s been happy with the ball ever since.”

The switch to TP5x led to drastic improvements in a few key statistical categories. After her win at the Ford Championship (via Justin Ray from Twenty First Group), Nelly improved her SG Approach Per Round from 0.20 in 2023 to 1.02 in 2024, GIR from 73.4% in 2023 to 77.1% in 2024 and GIR after missing the fairway from 57% to 63%. Nelly switched to TP5x golf ball at the close of the 2023 season.


Qi10 Max 10.5° Driver Spec

n k q 10 m d s
Nelly Korda Qi10 Max Driver Sole
  • LOFT SLEEVE: Standard
  • SHAFT: Mitsubishi Diamana GT 60 S
  • LENGTH: 45 3/16”
  • GRIP: Tour Velvet 58 RD (1 Wrap)

P·770 5-iron Spec

n k p 770 5 b
Nelly Korda P·770 5-iron Badge
  • LOFT: 25.5°
  • LIE: 63°
  • SHAFT: AeroTech SteelFiber i80 cw Hard Stepped
  • LENGTH: 38 1/16
  • TIPPING: None
  • GRIP: Tour Velvet 58 RD (1 Wrap)

P·7MC 7-iron Spec

n k p7mc b h
Nelly Korda P7MC Badge Horizontal
  • LOFT: 32°
  • LIE: 64°
  • SHAFT: AeroTech SteelFiber i80 cw Hard Stepped
  • LENGTH: 37 1/16”
  • GRIP: Tour Velvet 58 RD (1 Wrap)

MG4 54° Spec

n k i w
Nelly Korda MG4 Wedges
  • BOUNCE: 11° (SB)
  • LOFT: 53°
  • LIE: 66°
  • SHAFT: AeroTech SteelFiber i95cw
  • LENGTH: 35 13/16”
  • GRIP: Tour Velvet 58 RD (1 Wrap)


g i 2146835754
Nelly Korda P·7MC Iron T-Mobile Match Play

LPGA Drive On Championship 

  • Nelly went eagle-birdie on the 17th and 18th holes to force a playoff before making a clutch up and down in the playoff to win her 9th LPGA Tour event.
  • The win marked the first professional win for Qi10 Max driver and Nelly’s first win since switching to TP5x golf ball in the fall of 2023. She hit 78% of fairways in the win.

Fir Hills Seri Pak Championship 

  • Nelly returned to World No. 1 in the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings erasing a two-shot final round deficit in yet another playoff.
  • On the first playoff hole, Nelly put her P·7MC 8-iron to inside 15-feet and drained the putt for her 10th LPGA Tour win.
  • She hit 73% of fairways with her Qi10 Max driver and TP5x golf ball.

Ford Championship Presented by KCC 

  • At Seville Golf & Country Club, Nelly erased yet another 2-shot final round deficit by shooting a final round 65 to win by two.
  • Her 11th LPGA Tour win and third in a row made her the first golfer since 2016 to win three starts in a row and first American to win three consecutive starts since 1978.
  • Nelly hit 77% of fairways for the week with her Qi10 Max driver and 79% of greens in regulation with her P·Series combo set.

T-Mobile Match Play Presented by MGM Rewards 

  • This time in a combo of stroke play and match play, Korda notched her 12th LPGA Tour win in dominant fashion.
  • She made 10 birdies across her three match play matches en route to victory.
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