Lithium now best-selling battery for PowaKaddy

PowaKaddy has announced that Lithium batteries are now outselling lead acid equivalents as the preferred option for golfers powering its electric trolleys.

The Kent-based brand has seen Lithium sales rise to 54 per cent of total batteries sold from January to September this year, overtaking lead acid units and confirming golfers are embracing the performance and cost benefits of Lithium. Helped by an extensive marketing campaign this year, the biggest swing of golfers moving away from the less powerful lead acid batteries has come in the UK, where Lithium sales have more than doubled in the last year.

“It’s really pleasing to see more and more trolley users opting for Lithium batteries and the recent figures highlight that lithium is becoming the battery of choice within the industry,” said David Catford, CEO of PowaKaddy. “One of the biggest swings we’ve seen has been in the UK, where we’ve made a big effort to communicate the many advantages of lithium to both retailers and avid golfers.

“There are so many advantages for golfers powering their trolley with a Lithium battery, including lower charging costs, lightweight design and, with the five-year warranty on offer, exceptional value,” added Catford. “By choosing a PowaKaddy Lithium battery with the latest Lithium-ion Technology, golfers can also rely on the most powerful option on the market, as well as one of the slimmest designs around.”

The latest Lithium-ion technology ensures PowaKaddy Lithium batteries pack 20 per cent more power when compared to other brands on the market, while an integrated Battery Management System helps to protect the life of the Lithium battery and provides up to five times longer lifespan than lead acid equivalents.

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