golfclubs4cash is celebrating the first anniversary of its Warrington Store.  Since opening its doors to the public, the business has rehomed 75,000 units of golf equipment, which has had a positive impact on local golf businesses, the wider community, and the planet.

The environmental impact of the second-hand equipment market is increasingly significant.  By trading in unwanted golf equipment, golfers are making sure that no more items end up in landfill.  The golfclubs4cash team are proud of their contribution to the “circular economy’.  By extending the life of products, including the 75,000 that have come through the Warrington store, the drain on the planet’s resources is significantly reduced and the carbon savings the business makes are around 4,000 tonnes annually.

Trading in old clubs has also become a valuable entry point for new golfers in the Warrington area.  As well as the single club customers golfclubs4cash is also seeing a lot of newcomers to the game using old sets, “We’re seeing a lot of beginners who have started to play inherited clubs,” comments golfclubs4cash Director Eliott Fleming.  “By replacing them with more suitable products from our stock the impact on their game is almost immediate.  Obviously they love that, and are more inclined to come back to us when they’re ready to upgrade again.  That brand loyalty is something we’ve enjoyed in Edinburgh and are now seeing it repeat in Warrington.”

Local golf businesses have also benefitted from golfclubs4csah moving to the area.  Local Pros are trading in their old stock to replenish their shops with the latest brand launches, supporting the customer who wants the newest driver.  golfclubs4cash even facilitates that purchase working alongside the local Pros to trade in the golfer’s old model.

Finally, the social impact that golfclubs4cash has had on the local community is quite remarkable.  As well as supporting local charities and events, the store has become a community hub for local golfers.  “When beginners are thinking of making the switch to become a club member they are leaning on staff for advice about where to go,” Elliot continues.  “We have repeat customers from all across the region who enjoy chatting to the staff learning from our golf expertise.  They spend hours here!”

Although the majority of customers are from the local area, golfclubs4cash Warrington welcomes customers from all around the UK and further beyond.  Recent visitors included golfers from Germany and Spain who came to trade in and buy new clubs, because the quality of the products available to buy and the value that they get for trading in their equipment are unrivalled.