Foremost sales figures buck the trend

Foremost Golf states that it has bucked the economic trend by announcing significant sales increases in eight out of eleven key product categories during the first half of 2014. Foremost says that at a time when many golf retailers are struggling to stand still, it has seen sales of men’s shirts increase by more than 16 percent during the first half of 2014 while other increases have also been recorded: electric trolleys up over 15 percent; irons gaining almost 9 percent; wedges over 8 percent; outerwear also over 8 percent; gloves nearly 5 percent; balls 2.7 percent; and bags up 2.5 percent.

Independent figures produced by Datatech show that Foremost has been able to grow sales in three key categories in which both the off-course retailers and the group’s on-course competitors have seen sales fall. These include the important iron market in which Foremost’s almost 9 percent sales increase compares to a 2.25 percent decline made by all on-course retailers and a more substantial 12.8 percent reduction registered by off-course retailers.

The figures says Foremost Golf show it continues to take market share away from the off-course retailers who have seen sales fall in nine out of the eleven key product categories during the first half of 2014. On-course retailers as a whole have seen sales rise in seven out of eleven categories but those figures are skewed by the fact they include sales achieved by Foremost members.

Foremost director, Andy Martin commented, “We are delighted to announce a strong set of sales figures for the first half of 2014. Market conditions have not been easy but we can boast sales increases in eight out of the eleven key product categories and are clearly out-performing our competitors in the majority of those areas as well. The performance is the result of a considerable amount of hard work put in to consolidate the year-on-year growth we achieved in 2012-13. This recent set of sales figures is no flash in the pan because we have steadily been building our market share over the last couple of years. We expect market conditions to remain challenging for the foreseeable future but believe we can provide members with the sophisticated in-house and marketing support they need to continue to buck the trend.

“This is not the time to rest on our laurels. We must continue to refine our systems and to provide our members with the personal service they need to thrive in what is a constantly changing and challenging retail environment.”