Foremost and PowaKaddy Announce Approved Supplier & EMP Partnership

Foremost Golf is delighted to announce that PowaKaddy has joined the retail and marketing group as an Approved Supplier and will also become part of the industry-leading Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) for 2023.

This exciting new partnership will see the group now supporting the stockists of both leading brands in the electric trolley category providing members with the freedom to choose their preferences.

The number of members now benefitting from the group’s EMP has increased by over 120% since PowaKaddy were previously in the group a decade ago up from 190 EMP Members in 2011 to 419 in the latest count.

“We are delighted to resume a long-standing group partnership with PowaKaddy which will help bring opportunities to grow the business for our members, with the support of our digital retail marketing programmes and the initiatives and support of the PowaKaddy team,” commented Chris Glenday, Head of Supplier Partnerships at Foremost Golf.

“The importance of the electric trolley category to our members businesses is clear. Over 65% of our members’ customers are electric trolley users and with innovation in the category contributing to higher average sales prices we want to continue helping our members sell more of these products.”

The new partnership will see Foremost providing PowaKaddy stockists with extensive digital and integrated retail support through the group’s EMP to help its members with increased electric trolley, push trolley, bag and related category sales.

“Our Elite Marketing Programme has been proven to help grow our member’s businesses with EMP supplier partner brands and we are delighted at now being in a position where we can help increase electric trolley, push trolley, bag and category related retail sales for our members that stock the PowaKaddy brand,” Glenday added.

Commenting on behalf of PowaKaddy, Sales Director, Graeme Wigham said: “It’s exciting to be joining the Foremost retail group as an Approved Supplier and EMP partner, and we are looking forward to building a strong, fruitful partnership over the coming years.”

For more information on Foremost, visit or follow @ForemostGolf, and for more information on PowaKaddy, visit or follow @PowaKaddy.

If you are interested in joining Foremost, please contact Leanne Spence on 01753 218 891 or email