Canon Drives Into Golf Market With Announcement of PowerShot Golf Digital Laser Rangefinder

Canon has announced the first ever Canon PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder, designed for golf enthusiasts. Fully equipped with outstanding optical features, yet, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this innovative solution is designed to provide accurate and effortless distance measurements combined with advanced digital zoom capabilities to help elevate every shot.

In the intricate game of golf, precision is paramount, and Canon understands the importance of accurately measuring the distance to the flag. To help golfers of all skill levels make well-informed decisions on the course, the PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder provides reliable measurements and empowers players to approach each shot with confidence.

“Canon boasts some of the world’s most refined and precise imaging technologies, with decades of research into delivering products trusted by professionals across various industries. Now with this legacy of excellence in tow we’re excited to introduce something completely new to our lineup, the PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder,” said Brian Mahar, senior vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Attention to detail is vital in golf and we saw an opportunity to apply our imaging expertise.”

PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder Key Features:

  • Optical Image Stabilization:
    The PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder incorporates Optical Image Stabilization which virtually eliminates slight hand movements offering golfers a simple, quick, and accurate way to measure. This feature helps players focus on the flag with ease and obtain precise distance measurements, eliminating guesswork.
  • Electronic Viewfinder and Digital Zoom Capabilities:
    Elevating the golf experience, the electronic viewfinder provides digital zoom capabilities ranging from 6x to 12x. Whether zeroing in on the flag or searching for course features, the digital zoom enhances visibility and object search, allowing golfers a clear view of their target, even from afar.
  • Laser Ranging, Linear Distance & Slope Correction:
    The laser measures the distance to the target, allowing players to measure the exact distance on the course. Golfers can measure the linear distance to the flag as well as the slope adjusted distance, which is the actual distance to be struck considering the linear distance and the slope of the course.
  • Photo and Video Capabilities:
    This rangefinder is also equipped with photo and video capabilities. Simply insert a microSD card to record the distance or take photos and videos on the course.
  • Canon Quality and Reliability:
    The PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder is equipped with a water resistance rating of IPX4. Canon’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures golfers can trust their equipment, even in unpredictable weather conditions, allowing them to focus on their game with peace of mind.

A common challenge for traditional rangefinder users is aiming at the flag. The PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder addresses this difficulty head-on, offering a user-friendly design that helps simplify the aiming process. Ideal for golf enthusiasts and tech-savvy players who want to perfect their game, the PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder keeps the needs of modern golfers in mind by providing an extra level of precision.

​​​Price & Availability

The PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder is currently expected to be available in July 2024 for an estimated retail price of £329.99. ​​​​​​​For more information, please visit

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