Bunker Mentality gives style tips

British apparel brand Bunker Mentality has introduced an ‘Outfit of the Month’ advice comment in response to the 74 percent of 500 golfers who expressed an interest in receiving advice on looking good on the fairways. Bunker Mentality will now offer hints and tips each month on getting the most out of a golfing wardrobe.

The advice on offer is specifically tailored to apply across all brands so that whatever a golfer’s taste in clothes they can always look their best. For September Bunker Mentality takes on colour and seasonal influences with ‘Sub 65’ trousers in red matched with a ‘Hitting It’ polo because the red stripe on the arms and collar and the ‘Hit it Hard’ logo on the chest are the same colour as the trousers. The black in the polo breaks up the colours says Bunker Mentality so that the wearer looks stylish without looking brash. Further details at: www.bunker-mentality.com