British Junior Golf Tour partners with Awesome Golf

Awesome Golf is partnered with the British Junior Golf Tour to give all host Clubs free access to Awesome Golf | FlightScope’s range and simulator system, giving the Tour’s players unrivalled club and ball data and a great, fun way to get match ready.  Parents of players on the Tour will also be offered an exclusive Awesome Golf | FlightScope home bundle, just like the one that owner Gavin Hamer first created for his 8 year old son.

The British Junior Golf Tour, which is now in its 15th year, has an impressive roster of 34 events culminating in the season finale at Foxhills in October.  As the Tour travels around the country, Awesome Golf will offer each host Golf Club the chance to have one of its state-of-the-art golf range / simulator solutions installed on a bay or indoor practice area for the week leading up to the event.  With fun games, skills challenges, as well as in depth ball flight data the Awesome Golf system is fun for golfers of all abilities, but it will enable the young Tour participants to warm-up in a way that makes Practice feel like Play.

Gavin Hamer, founder of Awesome Golf, was keen to support the Tour as they have played a really significant role in the development of his son’s golf game. He explained: “The British Junior Golf Tour is fantastic.  They encourage families to come out and enjoy the game together and take great pride in the role that they play in developing each youngster’s lifelong passion for golf.  That’s why I think Awesome Golf can really add something to the Tour.  The games, just like the Tour, keep children coming back for more – they want to improve and get more points so it will be fun to see who tops our Order of Merit at the end of the season.”

Tour Directors Steve Adams and Neil Randall are very pleased to welcome Awesome Golf to the Tour. Steve commented: “The Awesome Golf Suite gives those players who want it an incredible amount of data about ball flight and club head speed, which makes it ideal for practice and warming up, but the skills tests are the ones I think our youngsters will enjoy the most.”  Neil added: “I have had the chance to try Awesome Golf myself and I love the idea of our young players blowing up boats and chipping into swimming pools as they practice on the range.  Keeping golf fun is really important for us as we want these youngsters to fall in love with the sport.”

For more details about The British Junior Golf Tour visit  For more details about Awesome Golf for home, coaching or range use, or to arrange a demo contact