Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) is pleased to introduce the new Brava Tour driver shaft, designed for serious golfers with faster swing speeds to help stabilize powerful swings, providing better control and accuracy.

“Golfers want a driver that will give them distance off the tee,” said Barney Adams, CEO of Breakthrough Golf. “You can have the best driver head on the market, but unless you have a shaft designed specifically for increased ball speed and distance, you won’t see the results you would expect. That’s why we designed the Brava Tour driver shaft. It’s engineered for maximum power for serious golfers with faster swing speeds.”

The Brava Tour allows golfers to consistently achieve longer drives and experience unparalleled distance and accuracy. Added weight helps stabilize the clubhead, allowing for more consistent and controlled swings, which generates more momentum, leading to increased ball speed and distance.

Exclusive Speedflite NRG™ technology integrates premium Toray™ carbon fiber, boasting strength 10x that of steel at a fraction of its weight, delivering ball speed and optimal smash factor.

Brava Tour Testing vs. the Top 2 Leading Driver Shafts Showed:

  • 63% of players averaged 7 yards more distance
  • 25% achieved tighter ball dispersion
  • Stiffer Tip provides better control and accuracy
  • 10g heavier than Brava which allows faster swing speeds to maintain a smoother, more balanced swing tempo.
  • Low Launch and Low Torque: Achieves a more powerful ball flight and greater accuracy with minimized face oscillation.
  • Designed for golfers with 90+mph swing speeds

Available in R, S, X flex options.

MSRP $439.99

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