BGL Golf free lesson keeps them coming back

More than 2,500 non-golfers have registered for BGL Golf’s free coaching initiative, Learn Golf. The initiative has been introduced to make golf more accessible by offering free lessons to individuals who have never tried the game before. BGL Golf states that 68 percent of those taking part in the free sessions, continued with paid tuition.

Each Learn Golf session is led by one of more than 50 PGA Professionals across the BGL Golf group, with participants introduced to the basics of the game, including etiquette and use of all equipment. The success of Learn Golf corresponds with findings from a 2013 survey by global golf course supply company Syngenta, suggesting more than 60 percent of non-golfers would be interested in taking part in a free golf morning and affordable golf lessons.

Colin Mayes, BGL chief executive, stated, “The fun and relaxed Learn Golf sessions ensure people, who are new to the game, get a positive first experience with others of a similar ability – something we believe to be crucial to the growth of the sport.”

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