Arccos, the pioneer of big data and Artificial Intelligence for golf, today announced the launch of an integration with the United States Golf Association® that allows Arccos members to seamlessly confirm and post scores and view their current Handicap Index® from within the Arccos Caddie app.

The new experience sees players with a Handicap Index® connect their Arccos account to their USGA® scoring record, and then leverage their on-course data to simplify the process of posting scores. This marks the first integration between Arccos and a national golf association and represents a significant landmark for the brand as it looks to further enhance its market leading dataset of more than half a billion shots tracked.

“Given the large volume of Arccos members who maintain a Handicap Index®, we’ve received a lot of requests to add score posting to the Arccos Caddie experience and in conjunction with the USGA®, we’ve now made that a reality,” said Dave LeDonne, Arccos’ Vice President of Product. “We believe this integration will be a big benefit to Arccos members and will contribute to the growth of AGA memberships throughout the region. We’re now actively exploring similar integrations with other golf associations around the world,” he added.

Arccos Members with a connected USGA® account Handicap Index® will be able to submit Total Scores or Hole-by-Hole Scores on 9- or 18-hole rounds; with detailed information for date played, course, tees etc. Round data will not automatically be submitted to a player’s USGA® account. The member will confirm all holes are properly tallied, then follow prompts to go quickly and easily submit their final scores to the USGA®. Players will also be able to toggle to their activity tab and see which scores have been posted, as designated by a USGA® icon in the round details.

Golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform, Arccos Caddie automatically tracks your shots while delivering personalised Strokes Gained analytics for every game facet and each club in your bag. Recent Arccos releases include the Link Gen 2 wearable, Gen 3+ Smart Sensors and a golf ball data capture system. The latter represents the first step toward analysing how a player’s ball selection may impact every aspect of their game, from equipment choices to club selection to in-play strategy. Also new to Arccos are enhanced putting and approach analysis that yield the type of rich, game-changing insights previously accessible only to elite tour players.

Arccos members have recorded more than 560 million shots while playing 13 million rounds on golf courses in 162 countries. This feeds the world’s largest on-course dataset, now including 350 billion separate data points. In 2021, new Arccos members who played at least 10 rounds lowered their handicap by an average of 5.78 strokes.