APAL awards for top PGA coaches

Robert Watts, coach to 2011 Open champion Darren Clarke, has been made an Advanced Fellow of the PGA while Paul Mitchell, coach to European Tour star Chris Wood, has been given Fellow of the PGA status.

Watts is based at Castle Royle Golf Club near Reading. Aside from his work with Clarke, Watts has his own performance academy and works with a number of tour players in the UK and South Africa, where he also has a base. Reflecting on his work with Clarke, Watts stated, “Darren is based more in the US now but when he was in the UK the contact we had was massive – more than any other player I have ever worked with in my career. There have been some special moments including the Open and the US Open.”

Mitchell has spent his entire career at Bristol & Clifton Golf Club. He commented, “It was really good going back over my career and finding newspaper articles and pictures. You don’t think about it often but it is a good thing to do as you appreciate just what you have done in your career as very much you just go day-to-day.”

The PGA Accreditation for Professional Achievement and Learning (APAL) panel also awarded PGA Advanced professional status to Richard Booth (Hale), Peter Clarke (Otelfingen GP), Alan Fletcher (Girton), Mark Janes (Chessington), Paul McLoughlin (Lake Malaren), Craig Pollard (Tapton Park) and Ashley Salt (Trentham).

Photo shows: Robert Watts, Castle Royle GC