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    We caught up with Stewart Clare, EMEA Sales Manager TravisMathew, to find out about their SS20 line up. Plus we speak to three of their key retail partners to find out their thoughts on working with the brand

    How has the introduction of TravisMathew to Europe gone so far?

    It’s been hugely encouraging. We have a wide range of retail partners and sell through has been genuinely outstanding across the board. We are seeing success in resorts which you might expect, such as St Andrews who have strong US consumer base.

    What is most encouraging though is the sales that the likes of Centurion Club are experiencing. They don’t have that US consumer base, so golfers are responding to the quality of product even if they are not fully aware of the brands heritage.

    Golfposer and Function18, our online partners are also doing well. For us it is a real indication that the product is well positioned; a high quality apparel collection with an attention to detail that can worn on or off the course. That positioning along with a well thought through pricing structure and strong margins is making it an attractive proposition for retailers in 2020.

    What do you think is driving the success?

    I think it comes down to the product quality and the hand feel in store. Where consumers get to touch and feel it we are seeing strong sales, for instance we spoke to the team at Silvermere last week and, they believe that the way TravisMathew is merchandised on a gondola display unit has made a big impact. Consumers are walking past the product, touching and feeling it. That first point of contact with the garment is an important element to a successful sale.

    Obviously, this is not possible online, so there is another reason TravisMathew is proving popular. I think we have certain styles in the line such as our all over prints that are pretty eye catching. Consumers are just looking for something a little bit different and TravisMathew can provide that.

    Which key products have sold in particularly well from the new line?

    The A Grade polo, which is an all over print, is our number one selling polo shirt so far in 2019. We know that style is trending well at the minute. However, across the board sales were strong, headwear in particular. The Icon logo caps sell really well, in fact our headwear has a very lifestyle feel, it doesn’t feel like a golf line, it is more a lifestyle product that golfers are wearing on the course.

    The brand has broad appeal, that is why we are doing so well. In the modern world people are associating value with product quality. Buying decisions are often made on how versatile and often they can wear their purchase, it is not all about a low price point these days. TravisMathew is lifestyle led and I think that’s why we are winning at the moment.

    What are the next steps for TravisMathew heading into the second half of 2019?

    We’ve started showing the 2020 line to our retailers. And we’re also taking it to new retailers that have expressed an interest in the brand. It is an exciting time as the fundamentals of the brand are strong and we have created a platform for growth in the second half of the year and beyond!

    What’s the direction for SS20 what are the themes of the collection?

    We’ve got two drops for SS20. A February drop and a May fashion drop, plus we’ve got an essential line that runs through the whole season.

    The February drop is a Blue Night colourway with Balsam Green. It’s a very classy, classic colour combination. In May we’re introducing Nude Indigo Blue, and Heather Golden Haze, which is a strong yellow colour story. We’ve got two really strong colourways for 2020 and the product is even better than 2019 which was already really strong.

    What are your highlights of the collection?

    The ‘knowwhatimsayin’ polo features an all-over geo-print style in the Blue Night and Heather Balsam colourway. It’s a real on and off course look. Having seen the reaction to it from our retailers that so far, I am confident that will be the #1 polo in the range for 2020.

    In the USA, our Beck short is the number one selling short in the whole of Nordstrom (of any of their brands that they stock) To put that in perspective, we’re the number one selling short in a non-golf high-street retailer (Think John Lewis). It really highlights the strength of the brands products and its ability not to purely defined by Golf.

    What do you think the strengths of the brand are?

    The collection has just evolved so much, and the styles and the colours are incredibly strong. I know every brand says it, but I really feel the product has come on leaps and bounds in a short space of time.

    We fit into our own spot in the marketplace. It’s a really unique position. With TravisMathew we have identified a different consumer. They are the older consumer who probably wants to feel a little younger. They are looking for stylish clothing without it being super slim fitting. GR

    SS20 First Impressions

    Biba McCormak-Young, Senior Buyer, St Andrews Links

    How has your first year been with TravisMathew so far? 

    TravisMathew’s first season at the Home of Golf has exceeded all sales projections and has impressed and excited customers and staff alike.

    The product, intended for both work and play has been a perfect fit for our flagship store in St Andrews and we look forward to working with the Travis team in 2020.


    SS20 First Impressions

    Freddie Rexstrew, Director of Golf, Centurion Club

    How has your first year been with TravisMathew so far? 

    With my Troon Golf background, I’ve worked with Travis previously. Centurion is a high end, boutique golf club So having a lifestyle brand such as TravisMathew was a great move forward. Within our first 12 weeks, we’ve already sold over 65% of the products that we bought. We’ve doubled that order for SS20

    What in particular do you like about the product? 

    It’s so different to anything else we offer our members and their guests. No other brand works as well on and off the course, it’s really multi-functional.

    Can you talk a little bit about what consumer reaction is like to the product? 

    At Centurion they expect us to stock quality product, and TravisMathew is certainly that. But member feedback is again they like it because they feel comfortable wearing it away from the golf course as well as on it.

    You have just seen the 2020 SS collection,
    first impressions?

    It’s a much larger collection, and I like the added choice. The simple colours but with the added patterns make the collection really work for our membership. It’s bold without being bright which I think is a great combination.

    What is your favourite piece and why? 

    The Wanderlust hoody. It’s so comfortable, and soft, and it’s totally distinctive. Again it’s nice that a golf brand are offering more lifestyle pieces.


    SS20 First Impressions,

    Andy Coulter, Managing Director,

    How has you year been with TravisMathew so far? 

    So far, really good! Despite being  in its first official year within the European market, we’ve had an extremely positive reaction and we’re well ahead of where we had forecast the brand to be.

    What in particular do you like about the product? 

    It transcends age demographics and is so wearable for both golf and drinks in the 19th hole!

    Can you talk a little bit about what consumer reaction is like to the product? 

    Our customers have loved the styling & how it looks on the website, but then also the quality & soft handle of the fabrics once they receive them. Our returns are extremely low which speaks for itself. It can work for all body shapes too; it’s a flattering for those of us with more of “dad bod” but also fits well for those with a honed gym bod!

    You have just seen the 2020 SS collection, first impressions?

    It’s another step on. The designs are fresh and the two drops are really strong.

    What is your favourite piece and why? 

    The appropriately named “Gimmie Two” from Delivery Two is a total winner, it’s such a clean look and will be even more successful than this year’s floral prints.


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