Titleist TSR: Autumn’s biggest equipment launch

    They have already won The Open Championship and are flying out on tour. Now Titleist TSR metals are in stores . Editor Dan Owen caught up with Ben Welch, Titleist Golf Club Category Manager, to get the lowdown on the TSR line-up.

    TSR has just launched, what are the main improvements over TSi?
    Titleist TSR drivers are the end result of the Titleist Speed Project that we started years ago with the introduction of our TS lineup. Our R&D team have taken a holistic approach to improvement and have evolved their knowledge and technologies to produce the best performing, fastest Titleist driver ever. We have focused on three key areas to help make the driver faster, longer, and straighter; improving the aerodynamics package, using new variable face thickness designs, and optimising CG placement. These improvements and a magnitude of fitting options have helped deliver an overall performance that we feel is second to none.

    How important is tour validation when releasing a new metal wood family?
    Tour validation is one of the most important elements for us as a brand, not just in the club category. Ultimately, if we can validate the product at the highest level, we know the product will perform for all golfers when we bring it to the market. To currently have the reigning Open Champion as well as 10 of the top 20 players in the Official World Golf Rankings teeing up a Titleist driver, provides us with a lot of excitement leading into this launch.

    What does the R in TSR stand for?
    Great question, and similar to what goes into making TSR our best driver ever, the R doesn’t just stand for one thing. TSR is the final result of the Titleist Speed Project, and at its core, TSR stands for Refined. But it could equally stand for Repeatable distance as TSR provides more consistent speeds with every swing. Or Reputation, as TSR builds on the legacy of Titleist drivers being #1 on Tour for three years running. However, what matters most is that TSR is the Right driver for more players than ever.

    There are three driver options, plus three fairway models. Why do you offer so much choice?
    Titleist is a fitting first company, and so ultimately, we need to have all of these options to ensure we are able to dial the dedicated golfer into the correct TSR for their game. In a similar vein, we are now going to offer every head model and
    loft in both right and left hand options.

    What are you doing to train retailers about the new product?
    In order to have a fitting first mentality, we need to ensure that we provide a best in class level of training and product knowledge to both internal staff, and retailers/fitters externally.

    We want to ensure that the golfer walks out of a fitting with the best performing Titleist golf club for their own game, whether they attend a fitting with a Titleist Fitting Specialist, or at a partner venue. Our online learning platform – Titleist University – has also been revamped and updated to provide more in depth product and fitting knowledge on TSR than ever before.

    Our Fitting Specialists and Sales Managers are also traveling the country, training our accounts and fitting partners on the performance excellence of TSR. Finally, we are currently arranging for our Staff Ambassador network and Key Fitting Partners to visit our Head Office in Cambridgeshire and Titleist Performance Centre at Woburn for a deep dive into the brand and our fitting philosophies. I believe you will be attending one of these sessions coming up, Dan, to experience it yourself and understand the lengths we go to with this group. We’re really excited to welcome you in.

    Do you anticipate any stock problems and what are your expectations on custom order lead times?
    Without doubt, this has definitely been a challenging area for the industry over the last few years. Luckily for us, having a two-year life cycle on products works very much in our favour as we have been liaising with our vendors and inventory planning team to have everything ready for this launch. We are in great shape, and it feels like we are finally getting back to more normal times! Our lead times continue to improve and we are confident they will soon be at our pre-pandemic levels.

    If a retailer doesn’t currently stock Titleist woods, why should they now?
    This is another great question, and one that we are excited to answer. Given our current line-up and the strides we’ve made in all areas of golf club design, we are confident we can find any golfer the best performing club for their game – whether that is a Scotty Cameron putter, Vokey Design wedge, T-Series set of irons, or TSR metals. We have more players using our products than ever before, we have more fitting tools and opportunities for the golfer to get fitted into Titleist than ever before, and ultimately, we’re confident the product we can provide the retailer will be right for more golfers than ever before. GR

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