Smartening up

    Richard Payne, senior manager at SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC., has the data to prove that businesses within the golf trade cannot afford to ignore social media 

    Midway through 2011, SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. conducted a survey among ‘UK Core Golfers’ (those who play at least 12 times a year), in which 43% stated they owned a Smartphone. In a repeat of the study at the end of 2012, this had increased to 54% (92% of those were under the age of 35 and 73% were between the age of 35 and 55).

    Of the golfers who stated they owned a smartphone, 55% responded that they had downloaded a golf specific app (once again, the younger golfers were most likely to have done this – 81% of those under the age of 35).

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    A healthy App-etite

    SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC. research shows that 25.9% of UK core golfers use social networking more than once a day, while a further 15.9% use it once a day. Here is further evidence to emphasise the widespread use of social media:

    – There is little difference of frequency of usage between males and females

    – Almost a quarter of UK core golfers use social media sites for golf

    – Two thirds of these golfers use Facebook for golf and another 35% use Twitter

    – 77% of these golfers use social media sites for golf at least “once a week”

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    The overall message to be taken from this data is that for businesses in the golf trade, retailers and manufacturers alike, effective communication with a customer base needs to incorporate social media of some description. The figures shown here are rising continually, and they are not likely to stop.

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