Professional Clubs Apps: boosting the bottom line

    In this online exclusive, Jenni Biggs explains how all clubs can make money from apps.

    When investing in any software, the smart business savvy managers know that there needs to a balance between function and form and of course its return-on-investment (ROI).

    Apps are extremely flexible business tools that can create the perfect win-win for both the club and its members, however when it comes to ticking any of three those boxes, we are not talking about apps filled with popup ads and empty promises, but professional, smart apps that are designed to saving clubs time and money, increasing participation and uptake, and very importantly, simple to use for both club and golfer.

    There is no doubt that apps can engage your members but how does it boost your bottom line? First is to dispel a misconception is only a retail app can make money, a professional club app doesn’t just have to sell right off the page to increase your bottom line; staffing efficiencies, engaged members and printing savings are just the tip of the iceberg.

     Top Ten Boosts

    1) Data Collection

    Obtain current and relevant email address to aid all your club’s entire marketing efforts. Used correctly you can gather information from all visiting golfers for 100% targeted campaigns – this can be for reaching out to increase repeat play, new membership drives or growing participation at social events.

    2) Sponsorship Deals

    Unlike 3rd party popup ads, this is advertising done properly. With a professional club specific app, it should have its own section that allows clubs to create an entire new stream of revenue or enhancing your existing sponsorship deals.

    3) Club Internal Promotions

    A 2016 research study by Google study shows brands increase engagement with their apps by using targeted ads that reach users at relevant times. Having your own advertising sections, along with direct contact to the relevant department and push notifications, used correctly the professional app will increase sales in all areas of your business – from pro-shop to lessons, to accommodation to spa days to charity golf days to social events.

    4) Taste Temptations

    Just like being at the restaurant, your members can browse club menus, order food and via ibeacons be reminded to place an order a strategic key points on your course. Cleverly designed apps will allow you to keep them current, advertise the specials and promoting calendar food events like Mother’s day or Christmas menus.

    5) Tee Times (and more!)

    Because professional apps make it quick and easy to do, additional revenue can easily be gained from tee bookings that link directly into your current system. Your golfers can even check the on the app the weather first!

    A tee booking isn’t the only 3rd party software a professional app is able access. Any additional benefits your club has from your software providers is also available, giving your members one simple location to access them from – right your club app.

    6) Events and Tournaments

    Instantly accessible from your app improve the footfall or sale of tickets with a clear attractive events list. Allowing golfers to book, save to their calendars and share with their friends. The bonus here is creating a greater community vibe as more people attend the functions on a regular basis.

    7) Going Social

    All brands know that social proof is a powerful tool when it comes to increasing revenues of any company. Apps are incredibly good at leveraging this power with a built-in social media functions the accesses the phone’s camera and their social networks making your own members and visitors the perfect brand ambassadors for your club (see point 8). Get double the exposure by collecting your golfer’s posts and reused in your own social media streams.

    8) Free Brand Ambassadors

    Such is the power of going social, apps are perfect to utilise your own golfer’s own network to bring your club increased sales, new members, additional rounds of golf and improved attendance at social functions. The app does this by the combination of allowing golfers to share events and promotions, uploading their day out on your course to their own social media streams and by word of mouth from your own members.

    9) Green Savings

    Good for the environment and good for your pocket. Built in scorecards and course guides reduces the requirement for your need to purchase items. Some clubs even make a profit by charging a fee to visitors to access the app.

    10) Staff Efficiencies

    There are many ways a professional app can aid your team right from reception through to the back office. Tee bookings, 100 per cent targeted marketing lists, notifications, social media, tee bookings, restaurant reservations and direct dial/email to the correct department are just a few ways increase the effectiveness of your team.

    With her apps being used by clubs worldwide Jenni Biggs is the co-founder of Golf2Win and CourseMate, a London based app Development Company, specialising in the golf club industry. Her driving mission is to utilise the smart technology at our finger tips and use it in the club world to drive revenues, increase player participation and engage all generations in the game. For more details how your club can benefit visit

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