PGA PRO (file) – John Kennedy, Wexham Park Golf Centre

    At GOLF RETAILING we are dedictaed to serving the PGA Pro’s that look to drive their retail business forward.  Each month we will feature one of our readers – this month it is John Kennedy of Wexham Park Golf Centre – next month it could be you…
    Best Playing Achievement:

    Qualifying for the GB&I PGA Cup Team in 2011.

    Playing Hero:

    Ben Hogan.

    Most Memorable shot played:

    Hole in one on a par-four at Goodwood in a PGA event. It was so long ago I try not to remember it!

    What’s in your bag:

    Titleist MB Irons; Titleist driver, wedges and fairways; Odyssey putter.


    Renault Megane Coupe.

    On the MP3 player:

    Audio books usually.

    What really gets your goat in business:

    Promises that aren’t kept.

    What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

    If you say you’re going to do something, do it.

    If you hadn’t followed a career as a golf pro, what would like to have done?


    What advice would you offer a youngster looking at a career as a pro today?

    If you want to play, decide to do it at the very top level. If you fail to achieve that, look at the possibility of another profession. Money in sport is generally only at elite levels.

    If you could be the head pro at any course in the world where would it be?

    Cordevalle, California.

    Do you believe the latest generation of hardware really makes a difference to the average golfer’s game?

    Yes, but not for the last few years. Nothing makes more of a difference than learning to chip and putt properly.

    What’s the biggest Issue at your club right now?

    Reduced number of regular golfers.

    How do you try to grow your membership?

    Introduce people to the game and make them feel comfortable at our venue.

    How do you think the golf industry can help itself more at club level?

    Develop terrestrial TV programmes like the old ‘Celebrity Golf’. The population is interested in celebrity, and this type of programme prove powerful enthusiasm shots for other activities such as cooking, dancing etc.

    What product category has been the most successful for you in the past 12 months?


    How are you trying to grow your business?

    Unfortunately our retail space has just been made much smaller (not my decision), but I am looking at ways to make our custom-fitting experience more accurate without it becoming all ‘smoke and mirrors’. Early days yet though.

    Which brands have done the most to help your business over the past 24 months?

    Titleist and Footjoy. I really enjoy their simple quality and great representatives.

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