Introducing XXIO PRIME

    Joe Miller European Product Manager at XXIO takes us through the all new XXIO Prime product line.


    Who are XXIO?
    XXIO are Dunlop Sports premium golf brand, and sister company to Srixon and Cleveland. XXIO is a premium product designed for the seasoned and lady golfer, which was originally designed to reduce swing fatigue during the round from overly heavy golf clubs.

    Now in its twelfth generation, the products are lightweight and feature a high balance point to help generate more ball speed. XXIO has expanded further into the XXIO X range, targeting better players who have lost clubhead speed.

    Our latest launch is XXIO Prime. The clubs are even lighter, with the highest quality materials being used. The whole package is very premium. Prime is for the golfer looking to absolutely maximise every last bit of speed possible from their game

    As a brand, price point is a minor consideration in the design and engineering of XXIO products. Premium materials and exhaustive R and D= are at the forefront of the process, therefore, determining the cost.

    Tell us a little more about XXIO Prime?
    XXIO Prime is really targeted at the very slowest of swingers. It features softer shaft profiles in ultralight weights. Our driver shaft is just 35g, but it’s incredibly stable for that weight class. It’s longer in length to help generate more clubhead speed. But we can stabilise the head through our proprietary technology. Our ActivWing technology is different to anything on the market, and works to stabilise the clubhead through the downswing for more consistent drives.

    There are other considered things with Prime. For example we’ve used variable bulge and roll for years but with Prime we’ve manipulated those numbers to help the target golfer hit a draw. A lot of things are considered, it’s not just about premium materials, but targeted design.

    And what about the XXIO Prime Royal Edition?
    In Europe the Royal Edition is offered for ladies. It takes the same formula as XXIO Prime, but it adds a dash of flair and style to the package. Super lightweight and forgiving, but with a unique and stylish aesthetic.

    How is XXIO doing in the market?
    Across Europe, XXIO is by far the market leader in lightweight golf products. We’ve been telling this message for a long time, and in recent years other brands are trying to muscle in on this market, which is just proof that there is a market for this targeted product. XXIO is flying in the US. The sunbelt is a huge market for what we’re doing there. And XXIO is a true market leader in its home market of Japan.

    The UK is a different, more traditional market, and our numbers are increasing steadily. UK golfers tend to be heavily influenced by tour play, and often have a preference for a lower ball flight. But the drive for lower and lower spin isn’t suitable for everyone. We are educating golfers that launch and spin is the friend of most lower swing speed golfers. It keeps the ball in the air far longer, resulting in greater carry. As golfers get older, speed decreases, and XXIO is there to help them.

    How many stockists do you have in the UK currently?
    We have around 40 stockists across the UK. I think over the next year we’ll be looking to extend that to around 70. We want retailers who will embrace the product and are passionate about it. If we don’t reach 70 retailers, we’re not really going to worry about it. A larger distribution is not top of the list for XXIO. Retailers need to know their membership and if they have the target audience for XXIO. If a retailer brings up price point, then it’s not the right brand for their store. XXIO Prime is even more targeted. We don’t believe every XIOO retailer would want to sell XXIO Prime nor would they want to.

    Key Innovations Inside the XXIO Prime:
    • Rebound Frame: Featured on the Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, and Irons, Rebound Frame uses an alternating pattern of stiff and flexible zones designed to transfer more energy into the golf ball at impact for increased ball speed and distance on every strike.
    • Weight Plus Technology: Places extra weight at the butt end of the shaft to stabilize the club path for faster, more consistent swings. Concentrates more weight towards the grip reduce the amount of force required to lift the clubhead and guide it to an ideal swing position.
    • ActivWing: Uses aerodynamics to stabilize the clubhead in the beginning of the downswing, tightening the impact pattern and optimizing the face angle for better contact without sacrificing swing speed.
    • Super-TIX 51AF Titanium Face: Each Driver and Iron is made of Super-TIX 51AF Titanium, an incredibly strong yet lightweight alloy for thinner faces that flex more and add ball speed to every shot.
    • SP-1200 Shaft: Premium SP-1200 shafts are constructed with high-performance carbon fibre and an advanced resin matrix, resulting in lightweight graphite shafts with the optimal balance of strength and flexibility.

    XXIO Prime Driver: £949
    Fairway Woods: £629
    Hybrids: £439
    Irons: 4pc.
    Graphite (7-PW) £1,279
    Single Iron: £376

    Contact us
    If you are interested in stocking XXIO contact Joe Miller at
    Tel: +44 7901 678 093

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