How will you improve your business in 2020?

    In ever-changing times, how will you communicate with your members and customers and operate as a business going forward? This sponsored post from Foremost will help show you how. The opinions expressed in this article are that of Foremost.

    Foremost has developed an extensive range of solutions to support professionals, surrounding them with opportunities to grow their business in 2020. From core business services such as Best Buying Terms or Central Payment, through to the innovative EMP Social Media solution, Foremost’s joined-up support is providing even more ways to become a better businessperson and connect with potential customers in ways you didn’t even know were possible. No other organisation can deliver such a comprehensive level of services for golf professionals, saving crucial time and money and allowing them to focus on looking after their members and customers.

    Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) 

    The very best products, retail offers and promotions might never be successful if members and customers are unaware of what’s going on in the shop. Foremost’s Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) breaks through the traditional, antiquated marketing methods by actively recruiting customers and sales on the pro’s behalf. Gone is the passive approach of waiting for customers to come into the shop to talk to them, Foremost is delivering modern marketing for modern golf professionals.

    The integrated digital marketing solution works with member professionals to help deliver customers at every stage of the retail journey through consistent messaging and constant professional communications. EMP co-ordinates marketing for its members from the email inbox, social media account and website, right into the signage in their retail shop, ensuring Foremost members always appear professional and structured.

    The wide-ranging system makes it so much easier to effectively support in-store promotions and retail campaigns through newsletters, mail-outs and signage. Linking up strong, effective marketing provides professionals with ready-made opportunities to develop their customer base and keep their membership engaged. Foremost provides continual upgrades to reflect the changing retail landscape, helping member professionals drive their businesses forward and stand out from the competition.

    Online Lesson Booking System

    Nowadays, golfers are used to being able to reserve a tee time or register for a competition on their smart phone, so being able to offer a fully accessible online lesson booking system is vital for professionals to maximise their coaching revenue while offering a professional and modern service.

    As part of the EMP Premium upgrade, Foremost launched its Online Lesson Booking System, enabling members to optimise their booking diary while continuously promoting it to potential customers through their existing EMP digital marketing communications. Taking the booking process online makes it more efficient and saves professionals time, as instant visibility of lesson availability and a simple booking procedure negates the need for lengthy text or WhatsApp exchanges. The booking procedure makes it easier to take repeat bookings at the end of a lesson or book in a weekly spot with a customer, while automated booking notifications help cut down on no-shows and lost revenue.

    Social Media

    Many professionals will freely admit that they aren’t good on social media – either they don’t have the time to regularly post or simply don’t understand how to make it work. In the current digital era, where so much information within the golf industry is consumed on the online platforms, it’s imperative that golf pros have a presence and a voice. Simply put, if golf professionals are not capitalising on this opportunity to communicate with potential customers, they can be sure that their competition is.

    Foremost’s cutting-edge EMP Social Media solution alleviates the pressure on the retailer by giving members a better way to manage their social content and engage their audience online. The system automates up-to-date brand specific content with all the correct tags and handles, taking the hassle out of running an account.

    In addition, Foremost have invested in recruiting experts that are on-hand to offer guidance and support, meaning the powerful social media tool can benefit any member, whether they are just starting out on social media, looking to revive a dormant account or already have a large following that they regularly communicate with.


    While the many hats a golf professional has to wear nowadays are ever-changing, Foremost places significant importance on making sure its support is adapted to meet the demands of the modern-day. From intimate sales training seminars through to the autumn conference roadshows, Foremost is committed to helping its members develop and providing them with information and support on the latest trends and products.

    Foremost understands that golf professionals are pulled in various directions and at times, must rely on their staff and assistants to man the fort and represent their business. That’s why Foremost is working with its members to not only develop their skills, but to help them provide training and structure for the development of their staff. This includes working in practical situations on how to identify sales opportunities and how to handle the numerous situations that occur in a golf shop and coaching environment.

    Not all of Foremost’s training is done face-to-face though. The group has dedicated experts in this field to help members out with remote support and guidance to take the fear factor and hassle out of operating in a multi-faceted business. The group’s BDCs (Business Development Consultants) and EMP marketing editors stay in frequent communication with members to ensure they have the support they need.

    Central Payment System

    Nothing is more important to a golf professional than time and money. Time is precious and especially in busy periods when invoices are constantly pouring in, organising and making payments can be an arduous task. The unique Foremost Central Payment service takes the hassle out of business transactions freeing up vital time and allowing members to have greater control of their finances.

    Thanks to a centralised, consolidated invoicing system, bookkeeping is reduced to 24 invoices a year with only six VAT invoices per quarter, enabling professionals to spend their valuable time selling the goods rather than worrying about paying for it. Professionals can also monitor cashflow with the forward projection tool to see how much money they are scheduled to pay in upcoming months. All of the organisation is handled online, cutting out traditional piles of paperwork and if there are ever any issues, dedicated Account Managers in Foremost’s Central Administration Team are on hand to offer the very best service and support.

    Business Development Consultants

    Being a golf professional can be challenging – as well as rewarding – at the best of times and being a part of the Foremost group means not being alone. The best business support in the industry is provided by Foremost’s team of highly trained Business Development Consultants. Each BDC has undergone extensive training in many aspects of golf management and is on hand to help with personal on-site training to make sure each member is getting the most out of their business.

    The group’s team of BDCs also continually offer expert retail advice to not only assist with business analysis and co-ordinating in-store and digital campaigns, but on adapting golf shops to work in conjunction with modern supply channels.

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