Foresight is the choice for Silvermere

    As part of the remodelled driving range at Silvermere Golf Complex, four tuition and custom fitting studios were created which can be used for outdoors practice or closed as simulators using Foresight technology. The Foresight Game Changer 2 (GC2) with Head Measurement Technology (HMT) can be used when the studios are open or closed for club fitting and tuition.

    Terry Sims, a director of the Silvermere Golf Complex says, “While different swing analysis systems have their merits, our four studios are a maximum six metres in depth and Foresight was the only technology than could be used in the space. The technology performs perfectly at all times and the GC2/HMT combination is an incredible tool for both coaching and fitting. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

    Foresight states that by using built-in ultra-high-speed cameras, the GC2 directly measures all critical ball and clubhead data with no calculations, estimations or algorithms providing an accurate and affordable tool for club fitters, retailers, and teaching professionals. Directly imaging and measuring the exact movement of the dimple patterns on the golf ball or the exact delivery of the club, says Foresight ensures pure, accurate, reliable data, which in turn means Foresight is suitable for all seasons and conditions, whether the studios are closed indoors or open to the range.

    Sims confirms, “The new driving range was a substantial investment for us and we wanted to invest in the very best in terms of technology. In a state-of-the-art complex you simply have to have the latest and greatest fitting and analysis systems. And that’s why we went for Foresight Sports’ GC2 and HMT, as they directly measure ball and club-head data, something that our professionals and customers understand and appreciate quickly and easily.”

    The Foresight HMT combines with the GC2 to precisely capture club head data. Critical data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft and lie – even impact location – are measured accurately.

    “Each studio was custom designed by Foresight to our specific requirements with two on the ground level and two on the upper tier of the range. We wanted them to be used open onto the range or closed as golf simulators so that they can be used twelve months of the year, whatever the weather. In winter our teaching pros can give a simulated playing lesson at any number of world famous courses. That makes it fun for the student as well as instructive”, says Sims.

    Ed Doling, Foresight Sports Europe’s sales director comments: “In Silvermere’s case, they challenged us to create for them a series of fitting and analysis studios that went beyond the accepted standard offering at other ranges. They wanted the experience for the golfer to be unique and they also wanted to create opportunities for additional revenues and services.

    Foresight“Our solution for them was to create the ultimate fitting studios. During the day their customers would be fitted on our GC2 and HMT technology while hitting balls down the range through the roller-shutter door. During bad weather or after dark the room quickly and easily converts into an incredible indoor golf simulation experience, which can then be used to continue lessons, fittings and so on, or can be booked by groups for a social evening of indoor golf.”

    Every studio is equipped with a rear wall video display allowing the graphics and branding to be displayed for all the major equipment suppliers that Silvermere provides custom fitting for. Club heads and shafts are kept discreetly out of view in closed cabinets. “We didn’t want a plethora of manufacturers’ custom fitting carts and vinyl banners. With the video displays we can instantly brand the studio for a particular supplier’s custom fitting display or screen neutral images.”

    When the new range opened Silvermere backed its custom fitting service with a guarantee offering to refund the fitting cost of £40 if it fails to add 20 yards to a golfer’s existing driver length. “We use premium Srixon Z star balls for custom fitting not normal range balls, so the customer is measured accurately for ball flight and distance”, Sims explains.

    Sims is confident that Silvermere has made the right choice with Foresight technology. “Since the range has opened the Foresight units are in action almost constantly and I don’t think they have missed a single shot. We’re hugely confident that Silvermere is now one of the best and most innovative game-improvement and fitting centres in the country. We have the ability to provide the ultimate custom-fit because we record every piece of data available – leaving no stone unturned.”

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