Foremost invests heavily in powerful digital platforms for members

    The new engine driving members’ marketing into the future

    One of a number of updates to its industry-leading digital marketing service, Foremost is providing its members with brand-new digital tools to tackle the marketing challenges of the modern day golf pro. Ready to go live early in 2021, Foremost professionals will benefit from a completely new website and innovative Content Hub, delivering a home for content assets and a method for maximising their impact.

    Tasked with improving the Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) digital touchpoints for members is in-house IT Expert, Tom Law, who joined Foremost in 2019 with a specialist background in User Experience (UX).

    “First of all, we understand our members’ business’ and know how much pressure they face in terms of time and resource for connecting with customers in the digital space,” says Law. “That’s why we’re focused on investing in and creating solutions which have a direct impact on their sales and marketing efforts, at the same time making sure they have the tools to be efficient with their finite time and resource.

    “The timing of this upgrade has never been more important,” Law continues. “With an influx of new and returning players to the sport, this is an ideal opportunity to capitalise on a digitally savvy audience and futureproof your business.”

    Your EMP Content Hub

    Single content entry powers multi-channel communication.

    Foremost’s latest innovative advancement to the EMP puts the power of multi-channel communication in the hands of its member professionals. Each pro will have their own individual content hub designed to make the most of their content assets and increase their reach to new and established customers.

    This completely new system allows Foremost pros to manage their content and take the hassle out of ensuring it goes live across their portfolio of EMP platforms. In a single click they are able to publish to multiple channels, ensuring one touchpoint for pros but maximum impact to their customers. All images, call-to-actions and links are automatically populated with no need for fiddly manual processes required to generate new links or resize images.

    The EMP Content Hub enables a pro to easily upload their local content straight into the system, whether that is a story about the weekend’s club competition with an image of the winner, a product review video filmed by an assistant pro or a weekly coaching tip. Once the content is in the hub, pros can simply choose which of their marketing channels they would like to publish to, from social media platforms, to their website, newsletter or in-store video monitor ticker bar. The advanced Content Hub takes care of the rest, optimising the content for each channel and orchestrating the upload, all from a single entry point.

    “The Content Hub drives everything EMP; from a simple-to-use portal, Foremost professionals will be able to manage their entire asset library and take the stress out of getting their communications updates out,” continued Law.

    Each content item is delivered as a single entity with a unique URL, meaning it is easily shareable amongst a pro’s community and beyond to further increase exposure of the pro’s operation. A simple video embed system makes instantaneously adding video content easy, allowing for product review, instructional and club videos to be seamlessly integrated into communications.

    This modern system drives a unified, accomplished approach to a professional’s communications, while simultaneously maximising their efficiency of time and content. The mobile-friendly hub interface takes this even further, enabling members to manage their weekly marketing from any device.

             THE HIGHLIGHTS

    • An industry-first unique publishing system
    • Publish to multiple channels in a single click
    • Manage from any device with mobile-friendly interface
    • Maximises pro’s time and efficiency
    • Expand the reach of content
    • Drives more traffic
    • Integrated across all digital touchpoints
    • Removes manual processes of publishing to multiple channels
    • Single entities with unique URLs
    • Simple video embed publishes instantaneously to pro’s website

    Your Personal Pro Website

    Better for you, better for your customers.

    New for 2021, every EMP Premium member will receive a brand-new personalised website designed to the highest specification. Built with the end user in mind, the new sites feature a completely redesigned user interface and navigation structure to deliver the best experience for the golfer as well as increase visitor engagement and conversion opportunities for the pro.

    “For the golf professional, their website needs to be the destination for all their digital activity,” comments Law. “Wherever the inbound traffic is coming from, whether it’s via their newsletter, social media or search, our pros can be 100% confident that their visitors will find the content they need to achieve their goals.”

    The new websites will be a draw for golfers with redesigned and expanded local news, featured articles and video sections which will keep them on the site for longer. New categorisation and tagging tools also enable related content to be served to golfers, increasing engagement and supplier exposure whilst allowing the pro to deliver their targeted promotions or info about new product launches while they have the customer’s attention.

    Better integration with the pro’s EMP Online Lesson Booking and Custom Fitting services will allow member professionals to display lesson prices, customer testimonials and coaching philosophies, and link directly into the booking service for golfers to secure their next lesson or fitting. The SEO-friendly design aims to increase the site’s discoverability, particularly for local golfers who may have previously been outside of the pro’s scope of communications, putting Foremost members ahead of their local competition.

    Foremost’s expert IT team has ensured the new EMP websites are optimised for all devices, paying particular attention to mobile, since the majority of golfers are digesting information through handheld devices. The enhanced mobile compatibility also works hand-in-hand with improved speed and performance across the entire site, ensuring a smooth experience for browsing golfers.

    The high-tech sites come fully integrated with each of the member’s existing EMP touchpoints including in-store digital monitors, social media and newsletter to deliver a consistent professional message and presence to customers in every facet of the pro’s marketing. Each website will be completely customisable with colour themes and switchable fonts that reflect the pro’s brand identity and make golfers feel as comfortable online as if they had just stepped foot in the pro’s store.


    • Completely redesigned
    • New navigation structure and user experience overhaul
    • Mobile-first design
    • Increased visitor engagement and conversions
    • SEO friendly with improved search engine visibility
    • Served related content and targeted promotions to interested golfers
    • The destination for pro’s content and marketing
    • Emphasis on promoting local fitting and teaching services
    • Deeper integration with existing EMP touchpoints
    • Fully customisable and branded

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