Autumn is Nigh

    As we prepare to send the July issue of GOLF RETAILING to print, the sun is shining and we are amid summer shimmers, yet let’s face it, Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon and it will be autumn before we know it. We asked some club professionals what their plans are for autumn apparel this year


    Matthew Paget, Royal Mid-Surrey GC

    Matthew PagetI have done my autumn buying and we have Under Armour coming in, which is always our most popular autumn-winter brand. It’s popularity stems from its layering product, and the brand has a good story to tell at the right price. We also have a Galvin Green shop-in-shop, which we have had since the beginning of this summer, which has been fantastic. A corner of our shop is exclusively Galvin Green and I am expecting that to come into its own for autumn-winter, with their full range on offer.

    If you are going to have the confidence to invest in product, which is what retailing is all about, then you need to have the right brands to make it work. We also have a great line in Dwyers trousers which went really well last autumn-winter, and their lined trouser works really well for us. On the ladies’ front, Golfino, Daily Sport, Calvin Klein and Rohnisch will all be strong.

    We have always held a fashion show for women in spring, but last year we held one at the beginning of September for the first time, for autumn, when all the new product had just come in, and it was fantastic. Holding the show in autumn probably doubled our normal fashion show sales on the day. We will definitely do that again.


    Andy Carlton, Paisley GC

    Andy CarltonI will take a lot of Under Armour for autumn-winter; their mock tops, base layers and waterproofs. I will also do some Nike and then Galvin Green is a no-brainer really, bearing in mind the amount of wet weather we have up here.

    In terms of other autumn apparel I will not take a lot. Up here in the north it feels like we go from summer straight into winter, and we are 700 feet above sea level on top of the Glennifer Braes, and it seems golfers go from polo shirts on one day, into wearing full waterproofs the next. We don’t have much in between, so waterproofs and base layers are a must; as long as I get the sizing and colours right, I can’t go wrong with them. I’ll dabble in lined sweaters too.

    Beyond that, when we get to autumn, we often still have the tail-end of the summer range of apparel to sell, and then before you know it you are into November and thinking about what to promote for Christmas.


    Graham Green, Leaderboard Golf Centre

    Graham GreenWe are bringing in some Oscar Jacobson, but other than that, for the first time ever, we are going to carry on with what summer stock we have left, and just bring in little orders of autumn products when I need to. For the last two winters, retail on clothing has literally been next to nothing. We have stocked some lovely autumn clothing recently that golfers have just not looked at. A winter run in golf can be soul destroying because Christmas is upon you before you know it, and then in January everyone expects sales.

    We have waterproofs from FootJoy and Sunderland anyway, which we will bring out to display prominently, and we will stock some Under Armour base layers.

    These days we are seeing more seasonal golfers, and more casual players, and less of the hardy winter brigade like we used to. That is the case here at a driving range, but perhaps it is different in pro shops where there is a 500-strong membership who play more winter golf.

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