Are you getting your share of the goodies this summer?

    Tony Clark argues that pro shops are missing out on the major profit potential of golf society goody bags and associated services.

    t even winds me up and I’m not a PGA club professional! Those societies and corporate golf days where the organisers show up with ready-made goody bags filled with sleeves of balls, branded (or not) tee and marker sets, Mars bars and water bought on-line and from the supermarket. But it’s not THEIR fault!

    At around £8 minimum a goody bag is business that YOU should have a piece of and it’s not too late! Take action today and you could be adding profit in 2015 that you hadn’t budgeted for. Now that’s nice!

    Step 1: Speak with the Secretary (TODAY!) and obtain a list of all societies and corporate bookings and the contact details of the chief organiser.

    Step 2: Prepare a script. What do you have to offer? How can you make their job easier? They WILL want help.

    Step 3: Consider a package of support which may include goody bag; drinks on the course; coaching clinic or tips on the range; range balls; score board; score cards; twos sweep; beat-the-pro; nearest the pin; longest drive; team and individual prizes; prize-giving help perhaps as Master of Ceremonies  and more!

    Step 4: Make that phone call to each organiser. Propose pricing and package options for the clients and communicate these via email. Get the logo in jpeg format if required and a commitment. You’re going to make the organiser a star and give them the best golf day they’ve ever had! Follow up within 48 hours and close the deal securing a deposit.

    Step 5: Order the goods and if possible obtain everyone’s name and label each pack.

    Step 6: If time allows invite the organiser (or invite organisers as a group) to the course so you can talk them through the day you now have planned. You are in control!

    Step 7: Be there or delegate a member of your team to welcome the organiser and society to your club. Enjoy the day!

    Step 8: Follow up with a call and an email thanking them for their business and seeking feedback. This will deliver glowing testimonials and also help you plan better going forward.

    Plan the resource (your assistant, partner, shop team) and the supply chain for branded items. Asbri is already an Official PGA Supplier and Foremost Golf Member and to quote Asbri director Eryl Williams, “We’d normally turn around bespoke orders in less than three weeks but with the society season upon us we’ll pull out all the stops for PGA pros where they follow this eight step process, to get branded product to them within five days!” See

    Consider the numbers and the potential; let’s be conservative. Say 72 societies a year over 36 weeks each with 20 guests comes to 1,440 golfers. Each goody bag is £8 so £11,520 at 35 percent margin gives a total of £4,000 profit.  And that doesn’t include any costs you can add for services, so I would expect at least another £8pp (£11,520) and that’s virtually all profit excluding time, plus prizes!

    Is an additional £15,000 to £20,000 profit unrealistic? To quote Mary Kay: “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right”! Be prepared to fail, it’s a surprisingly successful approach. Let me know how you get on!

    Tony Clark is Owner/Managing Director of PlaneSWING Golf and a business consultant with Clark Management Group Ltd. He can be contacted at 01604 830880 or by email at