Are you doing everything you can to maximise equipment sales?

    Foremost has recognised the importance of the early-season period for golf professionals across the country, and the group have introduced two more new digital marketing innovations to help its members drive the equipment supplier category forward in 2023. The group is giving its members all the support they need to generate buzz and excitement within their database and then turn that into motivated consumers who are ready to make a purchase.

    With key equipment brands launching and new products in store, it’s imperative that retailers are putting their best foot forward to maximise this opportunity and capitalise on the wave of new enthusiasm in the market. After all, you only get one chance to launch new product. The advanced systems included in the Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) help turn interest into action, working in the background on behalf of the pro and freeing them up to coach, fit and engage with their customers.

    Helping to drive fitting enquires

    Brands We Fit is a custom webpage within a pro’s personal EMP website displaying which brands they have selected as well as their product knowledge and fitting expertise. Working with EMP suppliers, Foremost helps pros ensure these pages are right up-to-date with the latest information and content on the products and new launches.

    At this time of year, it’s crucial to communicate with as many golfers as possible and for them to know the proposition of their club professional. New product launches can be the talk of the membership and Foremost is helping its member retailers communicate the brands and products they stock as well as their fitting expertise. The marketing tools that the EMP provides positions Foremost pros as the best option for their customers, taking advantage through newsletters, special mails, video reviews hosted on the pro’s website, social media posts and in-store POS presence, to make sure golfers get a complete understanding of what’s available and the reasons to get fit.

    Foremost are constantly working in the background to ensure every professional’s page is accurate and well resourced. Each dedicated Foremost Marketing Editor co-ordinates all of the content and marketing within the EMP system from HQ, giving the pro peace of mind that the group are doing everything they can to drive equipment sales on their behalf. This perfectly complements the host of brand and supplier messaging out there for consumers, aligning their channels and presenting the image of an expert. This reassurance allows them to focus their time on converting the key customer enquiries that Foremost is helping to bring in.

    As the central hub for all digital communications with members and customers, it’s vital that a pro’s website is up-to-date with recent images of their store and studio facilities, as well as displaying pricing structures. The more bespoke the website, the better golfers will feel about taking the next step and acting on the buzz and excitement surrounding new product launches from the big brands. Foremost are helping consumers understand the benefits the pro shop team can deliver and starting the conversation about their next equipment investment.

    In addition, the investment in studios and launch monitors that more and more professionals are making mean its more important than ever to maximise the revenue opportunities that these tools provide with joined-up marketing that drives more golfers through the door for a fitting.

    Supporting supplier fitting days

    Fitting days are a crucial part of generating sales for new equipment. When executed correctly, they represent a brilliant opportunity for the pro, the supplier and the consumer. Brand fitting events are a great way to encourage golfers to try new clubs and with many leading to an order, these events are potentially highly lucrative.

    Foremost are helping members make their supplier fitting days a success with a service that maximises the value that can be achieved covering everything from start to finish, and beyond. The more successful fitting days and events are, the higher up supplier’s priority lists that pro goes for future events or when new products are launched, so it’s vital to get it right.

    When new fitting days are booked in, Foremost’s EMP fitting support team help create a portal via the group’s Online Booking System. The Foremost EMP support team check the details with each pro and then set up the digital marketing to promote to the pro’s database. Customers can register online at a time that suits them and anyone that signs up in person in the shop can be inputted via the EMP gateway. This allows flexibility and makes it easy for the consumer to commit, but is even better for the pro, reducing time taking calls or replying to emails and WhatsApp messages to book in.

    When events are fully booked, the system automatically adds a reserve list so pro’s can see everyone who’s showing interest in making an investment in their equipment. If there isn’t space to accommodate them this time, they might be happy to book in for a future event or individual fitting. The system also notifies the pro and prompts them to contact their rep to ask if they can extend the event or book in another to make up for the demand.
    Events are promoted and monitored on behalf of the pro. The automated system sends out a reminder to all participants 72 hours before the event, limiting no-shows. For any dropouts, the golfer at the top of reserve list will be contacted and invited to make sure the place is filled. If there are still spaces available 48 hours before, the system sends out a “don’t miss out” email to maximise attendance, again ensuring the best chance to run a full event.

    The end-to-end fitting support is available to all EMP premium pros, whether they are on Foremost’s Online Lesson Booking System or not. The process is simple; member professionals inform their EMP Marketing Editor of any fitting day events as soon as they are booked in with supplier and Foremost takes care of the rest. The fitting day service provides hot leads to drive sales and capitalise on opportunities, while providing a great service for customers on behalf of the pro.

    With the post-lockdown golf fever fading and the reality of the current economic climate setting in, retailers must look for every avenue to recruit customers and drive new sales. That’s why Foremost is providing member professionals with the best support in the industry to cover every base and promote the new equipment in store as widely and efficiently as possible. GR


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