All good in the hood: How adidas Golf has embraced the hoodie

    Golf Retailing Editor Dan Owen caught up with Shaun Madigan, Global Apparel Director, adidas Golf, to find out about the impact of Tyrell Hatton’s recent BMW PGA Championship win on sales of their COLD.RDY hoodie.

    Did adidas expect the hoody to make so much noise?

    Although this wasn’t the first hoodie we’ve ever made, we knew it would draw some attention simply because it’s a unique layering piece for the course. Knowing temperatures out at Wentworth could get chilly, we discussed the opportunity to wear the COLD.RDY hoodie with Tyrrell ahead of time and he was all for it. Obviously, his great play all week put him in the spotlight and the hoodie got a lot of attention.

    You’ve had hoodies in the adicross range for a couple of seasons, but it’s only this year you’ve had your players wear them in tour events. Why the change now?

    Our players always have the option, but the main reason was because we saw this as a great opportunity to showcase the functionality and performance of our COLD.RDY technology through a unique and versatile layering piece. The weather that week provided the perfect conditions to highlight the lightweight warmth the hoodie offers.

    How does an adidas Golf hoody differ to a standard hoody? Are their issues you have had to overcome?

    Beyond the versatile look and cool design, our hoodies – and everything we bring to market – must perform on the course. Outerwear pieces like the hoodie need to be able to keep the player warm, but not impede their swing in any way. At the highest level, it’s meant to help keep the players focused on that next shot and not worry about the elements.

    Is this the start of seeing bigger overhauls to the golfer’s wardrobe?

    I honestly think we’ve already seen a lot of shifts in golf apparel, even in just the last 10-20 years, so I wouldn’t call this the start. That’s simply the cycle of fashion and style. For us, we know there are golfers out there who want pieces like this that can easily transition between on- and off-course. With that, we will always seek to offer products that speak to a consumer who is interested in something like a hoodie, but still provided plenty of options for those that would prefer something different.

    What have reactions been like to the product from retailers?

    As I am sure you can imagine, the consumer demand that was created by Tyrrell winning the BMW PGA Championship wearing our COLD.RDY hoodie meant that retailers were experiencing rapid sell through. So much so, that within 48 hours we were out of stock on that specific hoodie. We were also pleased to hear that there has been a positive halo effect on further parts of our COLD.RDY and Frostguard product ranges at retail. Ultimately, this is what we aim to do for our wholesale partners; working closely with our athletes to wear products at key moments that help drive consumer demand and sell through.”

    Has there been more interest since Tyrrell Hatton’s win?

    We have definitely seen a spike in demand for this hoodie following Tyrrell’s win. We sold out of every colourway and are working quickly to restock them.

    Do you believe this is a staple that will become an essential part of any future line?

    We’re constantly doing research to help guide our creation of products. It’s tough to say if this will always be an essential part of our line, but as long as golfer’s are interested in things like this, we will continue to make them, ensuring that we put the best performance materials we have at our disposal into any design. GR

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