adidas Golf 2024

    Leigh Goode, Product Manager, adidas – Golf Footwear and Accessories, explains why the 2024 footwear line will be different to what has come before as the sportswear giants strive to keep innovating.

    No to the normal
    We started off our design direction for 2024 with a statement around ‘no to the normal.’ To us, that means do not stick with the status quo and instead, think about things differently than ever before.
    And it is not just the design direction; it is the development process, how we test the shoes, etc. We really wanted to break things down rather than repeating what we have done before in the past.
    We have been constructing shoes for a long time, but we looked at everything from durability heel to toe, making sure that they were not only super comfortable for everyone to wear but also had the structure and support that a golfer would need. We will share more about this when we unveil our new tour-level shoe in 2024.

    Performance or Versatility
    Golfers have started to embrace lifestyle crossover shoes, sometimes more than traditional golf shoes. We have seen this first-hand with the success of our Stan Smith, Superstar and Samba Golf models.
    There are certainly golfers out there that are looking for more versatile options when it comes to footwear. These models provide golfers a perfect option where style meets function, giving enough traction and support needed for golf but with wear-anywhere versatility. There’s a misconception that these models are more for style than anything else, but in reality, we are ensuring these will provide a level of performance that golfers will need.
    S2G is a model we are excited about as it will have an exciting brand-new redesign for 2024. At its core, S2G is a brilliant, versatile golf shoe that takes you from the street to the golf course. You could wear it to the pub after the round and no one would know you just played 18 holes, but underneath we’ve packed it with technology at a great price point. It provides great support and traction for a spikeless model.

    New Models

    Two new models that we can tell you about now, that highlight both sides of our 2024 range, are the Solarmotion and MC Z-Traxion.
    The Solarmotion is a lower-profile, sleeker shoe that utilizes a lightweight LIGHTSTRIKE cushioning system. It is a mid-tier price point product that features spikeless traction. You have the best-in-class cushioning systems with LIGHTSTRIKE, which means you are not only saving weight, but you are still getting the comfort with every step. It also features an impressive performance golf upper. It really looks clean and is super identifiable as an adidas shoe with its 3-Stripes branding.

    The MC Z-Traxion is a nod to the classic footwear styling inspired by models in our archives but packed with the technology of today. We made some aesthetic updates to the saddle from our MC80 model, which will feature a subtle, clean 3-Stripes branding. It features the same LIGHTSTRIKE cushioning, with a BOOST counter in the heel. When we looked in our archives, it is amazing how traction in modern shoes has come. Those old models had up to 15 metal spikes on each shoe. Now we can get much more traction from different spike configurations, and spikeless configurations, that are a lot more green-friendly. GR

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