Winning Pro hails Foresight Crucial To His Success

The Foremost golf pro of the year, Ross-on-Wye GC’s Tim Hall, has hailed the part Foresight Sports GC2 has played in his success and insisted: “I wouldn’t open a golf business nowadays – retail or teaching – without Foresight. It’s that crucial!”

Hall, 32, became the youngest winner of the much-coveted title in October, at a dinner hosted by BBC sports commentator, Andrew Cotter. He said: “Winning the award has been all down to being more professional in what we’ve done. We’ve worked alongside the members a lot more to get them integrated into our initiatives. And Foresight has been a massive part of this. We’ve used it a lot in demo days, client days for the membership, 10-yard challenges…

“Members have appreciated and responded so well to having their needs individually identified and receiving tailor-made recommendations to help them. A host of coaching and improvement initiatives which we have placed at their disposal throughout the year have aided their improvement and development.

“Sales and custom-fits are up massively. The proposition has changed now. We’re a much more professional outfit because of the GC2 and the fact that, as a Nike ambassador, I work very closely with the brand. I wouldn’t open a golf business nowadays – retail or teaching – without Foresight. It’s that crucial! We’ve used the GC2 mainly for club-fitting. We don’t sell a club ‘off the shelf’. What I wanted to do, 18 months ago when I started, was to put in place, from day one, that if you’re going to buy a club off me, it’s going to be purely custom-fit. And I needed a good system to help me along with that.

“Within the industry I’m best friends with Dan Webster, at St Annes Old Links, who was Foremost Pro of the Year in 2012. He introduced me to GC2 and I spoke to Foresight and have built up a fantastic relationship with them. They’ve been really supportive in what they’ve done for me; they’ve also really helped me along with getting the plans through for the new performance lab.”

Hall’s plans for the future revolve around the installation of a new £70,000 performance lab with the Foresight Sports GC2 at the heart of the new set-up.

He added: “We’ve had the plans accepted for our new performance lab. Again, we wanted to change the proposition to a performance-based offering, so it’s not just a simple golf lesson anymore. We’re going to be able to teach indoors when the weather’s bad, which is a massive thing in this country. But we’re also able to do a lot more tailored ‘elite programmes’ and have a different approach.

“A massive part of having the lab is the ability to teach indoors because the golf course does close a lot when the weather’s bad. To be able to offer that to the members is fantastic. We’re going to be able to use it for lessons, but what Foresight offers is a lot more simulation play, so we’ll be booking tee-times around Pebble Beach when the course is unplayable.

“Talking to the members here, they’re already very excited about having that opportunity. We’re upgrading our existing unit with software packages and an impact screen – I want to make it one of the best facilities in the area, so there’s no expense spared on the project. We’re going to have the top courses package so we’ll have a lot to choose from and we’re hopefully going to get the members so involved that when the course is booked they can book two-hour slots indoors.”

The GC2 – which directly measures ball-flight data at launch using ultra-high-speed cameras – and HMT (Head Measurement Technology) is the most in-demand technology in golf, having revolutionised club fitting and analysis since its launch in 2010. It was swiftly approved and recommended by many of the world’s leading club manufacturers including Titleist, Cleveland/Srixon, Cobra/Puma, PING and TaylorMade. It’s also used by many of the world’s top professional golfers and dozens of other leading brands within the golf industry.

Demand for the innovative Foresight technology continues to grow, as the introduction of HMT means all teaching professionals and club-fitters can gain access to critical club-head data, including dynamic loft and lie, as well as ball-impact location – all directly measured to unprecedented levels of accuracy. Previous techniques for calculating this information often proved inaccurate, but GC2 and HMT technology offers sub-millimetre accuracy on critical data.

Hall’s message to any PGA pro looking to follow in his footsteps – and those of his pal Dan Webster – is unequivocal: purchase a GC2!

He concluded: “Foresight Sports GC2 has improved my proposition as a custom fitter and has allowed me to deliver fact-based feedback in lessons. My pupils have embraced the use of GC2 both in lessons and custom fits and some pupils have fully converted over to having it there in every session. The members here think it’s a fantastic service to be able to offer and now they won’t buy anywhere else because it’s not a half-hearted proposition. It’s all here – the GC2 is accurate, with facts and figures easy for both me and the person in front of me to understand – they won’t go anywhere else now.

“Any PGA pro starting up, or wanting to improve, needs to embrace technology and, talking from experience, I wouldn’t open a business without Foresight because of the all-round package the company offers: the product, the service, everything.”

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