Wilson’s Triton driver ruled nonconforming

Wilson’s Triton drivers, other than the 9 degree model, have been ruled non-conforming by the USGA.

Wilson worked with the Golf Channel to produce a show called Driver vs. Driver – essentially a golf driver design reality competition show. The show generated good publicity for the brand and the company launched the Triston on November 23rd, the day after the show’s finale.

However, the USGA has some minor issues with the club, resulting in Wilson having to make a pair of adjustments to bring the clubs into conformance. The changes aren’t big: the first involved slightly reducing the rear edge of the adjustable sole plate by a few millimeters.

The other change had to do with the adjustable weights. When using a pair of six-gram weights along with the heavier 12-gram weight and the heavier titanium sole plate, the USGA found the club had a characteristic time of 258—just one microsecond outside conformance of the USGA’s spring-like effect test.

In a statement released by Wilson they said: “While we are very disappointed in the USGA’s position on the Triton, doing what’s right for our players and their game comes first. As we are a global golf brand with a 100-year track record of only bringing conforming products to the market, we want to assure the Triton is not the exception, regardless of configuration.”

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