Wilson launches new irons

Wilson Golf has introduced new Staff FG Tour V4 irons and Staff FG Tour V4 utility irons featuring an adjustable weight in the sole. Designed as a precision line for tour players, the latest forged irons are intended as a reliable option for all elite golfers looking for exceptional feel and greater ball flight control.

The new irons incorporate an 18-gram tungsten sole weight from three-iron through to seven-iron that lowers the centre of gravity and increases the launch angle without adding spin. This results in greater height on long and mid-iron shots says Wilson Golf, producing a steeper angle of descent to hold greens and attack difficult pins. The upper portion of the face where no impact occurs has been thinned by eleven percent in order to reposition mass where it can optimise launch, spin and Moment of Inertia (MOI).

Weight has been moved lower and towards the heel and toe of the irons to improve forgiveness, although the mass remains concentrated in the impact area to maintain a solid, muscle-back, blade-like feel and provide workability on centre or close-to-centre impacts.

The Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 utility irons are designed to help better players hit long shots into greens and control ball flight in the wind. Featuring similar cosmetics to the V4 iron, they incorporate a 7-gram adjustable weight in the centre of the sole to enable golfers to fine tune ball flight with personal fittings depending on the course conditions. The utility models also have similar lofts, lies and swing weights for easy transition from iron to utility club, but the shaft lengths are longer as well as the blades which are also lighter. The soles and toplines are wider and slightly more offset for workability and forgiveness.

The thin, responsive face is made from the strongest stainless steel available, Carpenter Custom 455 maraging, which creates a high Characteristic Time (CT) for improved ball speeds and distance. This premium material freed up weight so that mass could be moved low and to the toe for an optimised centre of gravity, supported by a nine-gram tungsten weight placed in the toe to eliminate any draw bias in the head.

After vigorous testing of prototypes, the latest FG Tour V4 irons have been put into play already by Wilson’s Advisory members, including Padraig Harrington and Kevin Streelman, who enjoyed two PGA Tour victories with the V2 irons. Streelman said, “The first prototype V4 iron I put in my hand confirmed we’re making adjustments to the right things.”

The Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 irons (four to PW) will be available from January at £549, while the utility irons (two, three and four iron) will have a PPR of £119 each. More at: www.wilson-staff.com