What’s app with Galvin Green

A phone app has been introduced by Galvin Green to explain the apparel brand’s multi-layer concept by showcasing key performance-related features in the latest shell (Gore-Tex), warm (Insutam), cool (Ventil8) and base (Skintight Compression) layers designed to function together to cope with varying conditions.

Using the app golfers can look in more detail at every garment and accessory within these four layers by clicking on tabs that take them straight to the men’s and ladies’ collections on the Galvin Green website.

Another app feature is a ‘Gear Up’ interactive camera function that operates when the customer’s mobile is directed at an icon in a Lookbook available at in-store display units around the country. Key features and colour options for selected garments are then depicted making it easier for the customer to reach a decision on what to buy. There is also a ‘Gear Up’ demo video showing customers how to operate the app once downloaded.

Mike Johnson-Hill, managing director for Galvin Green in the UK said, “With every new collection we strive for perfection and the app, the first of its kind in golf apparel, gives golfers a detailed insight into the 2014 range. It allows serious golfers to delve further into the benefits of wearing layers of Galvin Green clothing, particularly in the most extreme playing conditions.”

The app is free for all iPhones, iPads and Android devices and can be downloaded at: www.galvingreen.com/app