Tour Edge has the edge in tests

In the recent ‘most wanted’ awards Tour Edge Exotics was the only brand to have two clubs in the test’s top five ‘fairway woods distance awards’. The Tour edge XCG7 was ranked number one for swing speeds lower than 100mph, with the average speed of an amateur male golfer being around 80 to 92mph. The website stated: “… it’s the standard model’s performance among lower-swing-speed players that’s one of the stories of this test. Nearly 10 yards longer than our control club for lower speed guys.”

The Exotics CB Pro came third overall in the ‘distance awards’, with the website’s reviewers stating: “We absolutely love the Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro.”

Tour Edge is now on full release in the UK and all Tour Edge Exotics products feature the lifetime warranty and 30-day play guarantee. Prices start at £149, for the hybrids; £219, fairway woods; £299, drivers.

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